A/N- While in Language Arts one day, I had this sudden urge to write something that rhymed…and this became it. I usually don't write stuff like this, but I guess because my eldest sister was telling us about her Schizophrenia course in her psychology class, I thought of this…hehe. I actually kind of like it. You may interpret it as you wish.


I walk amongst a midnight dream

So slyly past the moon

Which who, in turn, reflects 'pon me

A silver, sanguine tune

And whilst the darkness covers all

A shadow in my mind

Implores to share my earthly form

And not leave till the end of time

Alas, it will not leave me

As the shadows slowly creep

My heart expands most heavily

I am cornered on the street!

Their voices fleet upon me

In my mind they scream and shout

And though I am within me

I am screaming to get out

And finally, they take me

As a slumber overcomes

My mortal body; I now can see

This monster I've become