blank is black
this night of a canvas
(it must be cloudy)
thirsting for white
paint on
paint down
now the black
is blank
is white

a monochrome sunset
awash in away
in parboiled sweethearts
in 'if i could stay'
and hearting is spades
and clubs more like clover
a monochrome sunset
all shining with 'over'

dust at dusk
a snow of forgiveness
(part is the glory)
though most is the shame
i was
you were
and the dust
is dusk
is dark

a monochrome sunset
awry in astray
in threesomes of pity
of 'i lost my way'
and loving is relative
hating is worse
a monochrome sunset
a guiding-light curse

poor is pure
a mockery savage
(it wasn't color)
you were all grey
rob purse
rob heart
when the poor
are pure
are porn

a monochrome sunset
ablaze in aflame
in roaring consensus
in mutual pain
to run is to stay
and fly more like fall
a monochrome sunset
a pillar for all