Chapter 1: Beginnings

"Katherine, come here!" He hissed out. I ran from the kitchen from where I was making desert.

"What is it master?" I asked quickly coming beside him. He wrapped his hands around my wrists and twisted. I yelled out in pain.

"You call this potato soup? It tastes like garbage, go back and make it again NOW!" He said shoving it into me and bearing his fangs. My master's name is Matthew and he is a vampire. I'm forced to be his slave or else I will die. I have to do whatever he says when he says it. It has been this way for three years. I rush back into the kitchen trying to prepare it as quickly as possible. It takes me 20 minutes and then, I give it too him. He looks at me with his emotionless eyes and tastes it.

"Much better, now where is my desert?"

"Yes master, right away." I run back into the kitchen again. Why would a vampire want human food, I do not know. I bring back to him the apple pie I made him and, as I walk back to the kitchen, a pain comes over me and I fall to the ground.

"Something wrong?" He asks coldly.

"No, I... I just fell master." I go back into the kitchen and slide down to the floor where I begin to cry. My whole body hurts for being his toy almost every single night. I slowly get back up and fix me a little something to eat. I am so much thinner than what I used to be. I hurry up and eat and put my plate away and go get his and watch the dishes. I put them all away waiting for him to command me to go get ready for his "fun time." I hate that, which is the worst part of the day. He comes in and I brace myself to hear him say that.

"Katherine, you can go to sleep now." He says coldly.

"Thank you master." I bow and run upstairs. I quickly put on my nightgown and brush my hair. I sigh and lay down. I hear him coming up the stairs and I pretend to be asleep as he sits on my bed for if I were awake, I know what he would force me to do. He strokes my hair and I lay there pretending to be asleep. I finally drift off and am awoken the next morning by the sun shining through my window. I wake up and go through my morning routine. I shower and look through my closet, not much too pick from that is up to date. Matthew is from the 1800's and almost everything in here is from then. Every once in a great while, he will let me go to town for one hour and pick out something. I decide I will wear an old 1800's dress and put it on. It is purple with white ruffles on the end. I brush my wavy brown hair and look out my window. I sigh again and go downstairs to clean. I have a routine I have to follow or else Matthew will hurt me. I tidy up and dust around. Then, I go to his huge library and find a book and read until it is 7:00. Then, I get up and go cook his dinner. As I am cooking, my mind flashes back to the night I first came here. My name used to be Taylor and then Matthew called me Katherine because he liked that name better. Now I think of when I came here.

"Taylor, why don't you go into that old house? I dare you." My friend Landon said. It was almost nightfall.

"Why don't I go in with you?" My boyfriend Blake said.

"All right." Blake and I go into the house. It is huge and eerie. It gives me the creeps. We go all through the house and then, Blake sees the basement so, we sneak down there and look.

"Taylor, look at that, it's a coffin!" He said as he got closer to it.

"Come on Blake, let's go, this house is so creepy."

"I want to open it." He opens the lid and there is a person inside. It takes all my energy not to scream. Then, he pokes it.

"See Taylor, it's not real it's a..." Blake never gets to finish his sentence. The thing raises up and breaks his neck. This thing has just killed my one and only love then, his head turns to me. My eyes open wide and I begin to run. He quickly comes next to me.

"Where to you think you are going? Wow, you are so very pretty." He says gripping my hands in one of his. He drags me into one of his bedrooms and there, he does the unthinkable. Afterwards, I curl up into a ball and I begin to sob. He leans over me and whispers in my ear, "You know I think I like you girl. You will be my slave and my toy for all of eternity." He bites my neck quick and then, let's go.

"Don't worry, you won't be a vampire, you will just be bound to me forever." He leaves the room and I sob. He killed my boyfriend and what he did to me; I shutter and put my clothes on. I fall asleep crying. Every day from then on out, I had to obey his every command. I jump back into reality and realize it is 7:00. I begin my two hours of cooking. Then, at 9:00, I hear him coming up the stairs. Every time he wakes up, I have to greet him, I run up to him and bow.

"Good evening master, food will be ready in about 5 minutes." I say.

"Good, now, go get me some wine to drink Katherine." I go to the wince cellar and pour him some wine. Then, I go fetch his dinner. Tonight I fixed him a mixture of vegetables, chicken, and for desert, brownies. I fix myself something, eat, and clean up all the dishes. I take a quick glance at Matthew; I can tell that I'm not going to get off the hook tonight like I had been hoping for. As I clean, he walks into the kitchen.

"You know were to be after you do the dishes." He whispers down my neck and leaves the room. I sigh for the millionth time today and walk upstairs to were I will be tortured...

A/n: It will get better and more interesting, I promise, this story has a lot of "bad" things in it so, if you don't like that stuff, be warned! Enjoy!