The Unmotivated Boy

As I am sitting here alone

This pencil in my hand

Reaching out to no one

And falling as I stand

Confusing shapes are forming

Across the morning sky

You touch the flower to my lips

The girl begins to cry.

The motor's running behind the door

And he's not going anywhere.

The little girl who's walking by

Begins to stop and stare.

The boy has diamonds in his eyes

But scissors in his mouth

Pushing downward to the floor

Yet going North, not South.

Polar opposites in a world confuse

The girl who's on the block

The motor's running faster

Aching tick and tock.

The boy with gemstones in his eyes

He stops to look at me

"Love, let me take you by the hand.

I'll teach you how to see."

So with him upward I did go

Trailing paper hearts

It was then that I did realize

Those diamonds were just quartz.

This boy, he isn't who he seems

A rejected simple man

Oh yes, I've come now to believe

This boy, he has a plan.

And in the grandest scheme of things

It never would work out.

You see, he's going very wrong

He's taken the wrong route.

I tried once to turn him around

But he refused to let me try

As cruel as it might seem to you,

I think I'll let him die.