"Ah fuck!" 'Ames cursed from his squatting position on the bouncy soft sofa in Rice's room, wrapped up snuggly in his turtleneck sweater.

"Baby, what is it?" Rice called through the gradually lowering volume of falling water and walked out, toweling his dark hair a few moments later, another towel wrapped loosely around his waist.

Not sparing at glance at his scantily clad boyfriend, 'Ames muttered loudly, "Stupid yarn on the stupid knitting-stupid-sticks won't stupid stay still." A scowl was apparent in his tone of voice.

"Honeybutt." Rice cajoled lightly, trying to tie his towel a bit more tightly around his waist as he pattered over to his boyfriend. "What are-"

He stopped short, sighting his little muffin angel. "Sugarbum… are you knitting?"

"Yes. I am knitting." 'Ames replied shortly, bent over his work. "I'm almost finished, if only the stupid yarn hadn't slid off."

"Uh-humm…" Rice distractedly mumbled, moving around the back of the sofa to crouch behind it so that his face was parallel to 'Ames, blowing absently into the dark blonde curls behind his ear. (Look at the towel! Look at it!)

"Sweet pea, can you get me that needle on that island?" 'Ames pleaded, still intent on his work while tying a knot somewhere in his rather shapeless work.

"Okay." Rice got up again, now sans-towel (O.O) and snatched at the glint of silver on said island nearby. His eyes widened when he noticed at the object clutched in his hand.

"Are you sure this is the right one?" He called out loudly in 'Ames' ear, waving it in front of him. "Are needles supposed to be this big?"

"Yes baby cakes. The yarn's big." Without another word, he grasped blindly for the needle, slid the yarn fluidly into the needle, stitched at a couple of places on his work and tugged it a bit before clipping it off with a pair of scissors he dug out of between the cushions.

Heaving out a loud sigh from the relief of finishing, he beamed up at Rice, finally noticing him for real this once. "Like it?"

Confused, Rice hesitated for a long moment, unable to comprehend the piece of fabric thrust to him, but afraid to say anything that might provoke 'Ames-anger. Because 'Ames-anger equals Rice-death. Or even worse… Rice-celibacy. "Pretty color."

'Ames pouted a little (and of course, cutely!) but then smiled widely at Rice again. "It's a thong I obviously made by myself." He raised it up a little bit higher and stretched it out to let me see it clearly. The fabric was now visible in a vague shape of underwear. "Try it!" With a saggy groin.

Cautiously, he took it from 'Ames hand and started to slip in up his legs. He tossed wary glances to his little boyfriend on the couch who was giving him the proud blue-eyed look of a mother hen.

Cluck cluck cluck.

He bit his lip absently when it reached his thighs. It tickled, dammit! But when it enclosed over his bare member, one could hear the barely audible intake of breath. 'Ames's smile was now not exactly called motherly and proud. It was more of a decidedly evil grin. If you squinted, you could see his incisors bared out slightly. Very sharp incisors.

"'Ames?" Rice breathed. Shudder quiver quake. "Umm… was this supposed to happen?"

Widening of grin. (Waah… I can't grin anymore. Stupid cut at the side of mouth.) "Sweetums… you know me too well."

"You know I do." Rice shot back, familiar with the easy bantering between him and 'Ames.

A hand slowly, teasingly stretched out and rubbed the heavy slightly-drooping bulge suspended by the stretchy strands of wool. Rice gasped and almost tripped over his feet in shock.

"Baby, baby… can you at least tell me what is in between my legs?" Rice was gradually getting weirded out now. 'Ames's smirk didn't really help things. In fact, it did worse. The longer he grinned, the bigger the bulge he was stroking seemed.

"It's wool. Duh. Baa baa baa. Sheep fur? Remember?" 'Ames said dryly, his face inches away from Rice's now, who was still frozen in place, trying not to shift his lower torso.

"Yeah… but-" Rice began.

"Shut up, cherry wafer. I forgot to tell you that only one of us is wearing any underwear right now."

"Why didn't you tell me so!?" Rice bellowed out loud before glomping his squiggling little boyfriend.

-:Squiggle, wiggle, tickle, jiggle. Hah.:-

Okay okay… this is the end now. Satisfied?

'Ames: Actually… no. I want more snogging with Rice here.

Rice: Hmm… but didn't we already get that last chapter? And in excessive amounts too.

'Ames: Duh. I want more.

-:Insatiable. The whole lot of you… just so demanding.:-

'Ames: Who the hell's mumbling over there? I hear grumbles.

Rice: Dunno.


Rice: OW. What the hell was that for?

'Ames: You were being unresponsive. That's not gonna be good when we're in bed.

Rice: -pout- Not unresponsive. I just don't know.

'Ames: Oh my god! I see a girl! S-She must be a ghost!!!

-:Ghost, my ass. It's me. I'm eating.:-

Rice: I-I… 'Ames… d-dearie… can you hear the voices?

'Ames: Nice. You should enter the drama club. I hear 'em too.

Rice: Thanks baby. –pats head-

-:Guys… did I tell you yet?:-

'Ames: About what? You told us many things during the past few minutes.

-:Nah. I didn't.:-

Rice: Spill it, Sugar.

-:Okay okay… you scary jock. Do you two remember who you're supposed to be?:-

'Ames: Remember? Duh. I'm James Kulvan. Or 'Ames, as you affectionately dubbed me.

Rice: Royce Pearson. So?

-:Hair color. Eye color. Status in high school. Friends… other than Mas.:-

'Ames: Who's Mas?

Rice: … He's my friend 'Ames. The one in the first chapter.

'Ames: Ohhh….

Rice: Hair color? Damn… 'Ames… can you look at me?

'Ames: Damn… you're bald!!!

Rice: WHAT!?

'Ames: Just kidding. I have absolutely no idea what your hair color is.

Rice: Why- uh… how?

'Ames: It was never mentioned in this story. Except the first part where we were physically introduced.

Rice: O.O Physically?

'Ames: Eye color and hair color, you dumbo.

Rice: What a loving boyfriend I have.

'Ames: Well… I make sure that I give you lots of luuurrrvvvveee during the nights.

Rice: -slightly freaked out- That was pretty ridiculous, 'Ames.

'Ames: Don't you love the love I give?

Rice: Baby, I love everything about you.


The End

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