(this is a completley raw emotions,i would like your truthful opinions on this poem,please dont say that it is not my emotions though!)

Don't look at me like that

With your sympathetic eyes

Pretending you know it all

Pretending you know why I cry

Asking questions that I can't answer

Wondering why I ignore you

Don't stare at me

With that hurt look in your eyes

Because I didn't tell you something

Doesn't mean you have to sneer

I do still like you

Even if I hate your mates

I might get annoyed at you

Just don't suffer in any case

Just stop it now if you want

Before I fall to deep yet again

Don't look at me with the piercing glare

Expecting me to tell you everything

When last time I checked you're never there

Don't smile like its not hurting you

Every time I speak these words

I try to forget your there

Push you to the back of my mind

But every time I think im over our friendship

Your mind changes and I fall

I can't keep control of where my friendship leads

Just if you want to stop it now

Please do before I fall into deep.

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