secure in that idolized past, they pondered the future

their 1950's dreams were filled to the top

with rocketships, talking robots, colonies on the moon

at parties they dressed in the latest fashions

surrounded by amoeba-shaped futuristic tables

toasting the years and decades of coming peace

the common cold would be vanquished

no finger should lay menacingly upon an atomic button

poverty will have disappeared in extended utopian lives

cars will fly, dishes wash themselves

upon birth a personal phone number will be granted

among the clinking of revolutionized plastic martini glasses

no one expected planes propelling into buildings

towers crumbling to the ground, tanks rolling to war

hate crimes, inner city gangs, Columbine

living anywhere but the moon

today a man on television redecorates his den

filling it with beloved 'fifties retro style:

saucer chairs, light wood, bright cheery colors

I pay a hundred dollars to faceless vendors

the prize: a rare stereo jazz record

placing it upon the antique turntable

sighing with contentment and longing at classic films

hoping to be kissed by a modern Cary Grant

their lives were predictable, safe, romantic

but we forget terrors of Cold War, outbreaks of polio

premature babies who die as children with flawed hearts

threats of the blacklist squeezing conformity

we comfort ourselves in a sanitized past

if only the past and present met face to face

they dreamed of us and we envy them across the gulf of time

dreams, hopes, images rolling like a motion picture

we are each others' favorite wishes