I want my very own outside

sun sweet-smelling-earth

either a beach or a grassland

where I can sit all day

and do all I want to do

but for which have no time

within limiting four walls

I want a cool breeze

blowing over this land

make my heart dance

when I gaze over the hills

I want a place where I can be

whatever or whoever I choose

as long as the wind blows

dreams on its every breath

I want to be covered

head to toe with lazy sunshine

cool enough that I can look

far up into the heavens

talk to God to thank Him

for this glorious place

I want an artist's canvas

spread out before me

touch it with my fingertips

soft part in my soul brought to life

by this place and the sun

spreading through pictures

in brightest everlasting colors

I want a secret place

of quiet quilted land

tucked away in my pocket

I want a sacred place

where the inside of me can play