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The Many Faces of Kelly Almond

Prologue: The Power of the Magazine

lonelygrl(7:41 PM): can u believe its only 2 wks til school starts?

sufferingartist101(7:41 PM): yeah so what

lonelygrl(7:42 PM): so?? :o

lonelygrl(7:42 PM): linsey this is the beginning of our freshman yr!

lonelygrl(7:42 PM): this starts the countdown til graduation, liberation from 13 yrs of textbooks and praying 4 the final bell!

lonelygrl(7:43 PM): 14 if u count pre-k

sufferingartist101(7:44 PM): u r soo dramatic sumtimes

lonelygrl(7:44 PM): duh :)

Suddenly Kelly heard the front door slam as her mother arrived. "Kelly! I'm home!" Kelly sighed. As if she had 2 announce it. She ignored her, turning back to the monitor.

lonelygrl(7:45 PM): g2g moms home

sufferingartist101(7:45 PM): that sucks

sufferingartist101(7:45 PM): bye

lonelygrl(7:45 PM): bye

Kelly closed her IM window and restored another window, labeled " She reread her letter, making sure it was perfect, or at least that it didn't sound too dorky.

Dear Seventeen,

I am 14 and going into my freshman tear at our local high school. I have red hair which I think is extremely ugly and I'm overweight. I am not popular, and I have never been kissed or had a boyfriend. I don't want to be a loser the rest of my high school career. Please help me.


lonelygrl, via email

She sighed. "I guess that'll have to do," she muttered, and she click send.


Kelly closed her eyes and groaned. "What?"

"Come here, I have something for you!"

"Alright." Kelly trudged into the kitchen, where her mother handed her a shopping bag.

"Here," she said as she took it, "I picked up sime new school clothes for you on my way home frome work. I figured it would save time."

"Awesome, thanks!" Kelly opened the bag, but her smile quickly faded. "They're all hoodies and baggy jeans. And they look huge." She pulled out a green hoodie and looked at the tag, then stared at her mother incredulously. "Mom, these are all XXL. I only wear a L."

Ms. Almond smiled uncomfortably, trying to look happy. "Well, I thought maybe if we bought you some nice, baggy clothes that were a couple sizes too big then people might not think you look so fat as you do in regular clothes."

Kelly's eyes filled with tears. "How can you even be related to me?" She threw down the bag and the hoodie and ran into her room, leaving her mother alone in the kitchen.

Kelly flung herself onto her bed and sobbed into her pillow, which was quickly soaked. After a while, she calmed down and realized she was laying on something uncomfortable. When she pulled it out she realized it was the back-to-school issue of Seventeen magazine. She looked at the cover, and one headline popped out at her:

Back-To-School Makeover: Look Your Best On Your

First Day Back.

Kelly immediately stopped crying as she stared at the magazine. Hmmm, a makeover… not a bad idea…

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