I love how you make a fire for me,

I love how you pay attention to me and listen,

Our talks, our connection, it's just so right.

But I am also not your daughter,

You don't need to lecture me,

Or control me.

I know what I need to do in my life,

Your secret reality for me about my life,

Isn't for me, my life is my own.

I see that you care,

But you're choking me under your expectations.

I find myself caught in the middle of your circle.

I want to get out but I see rules and guilt for not doing it right.

This way, that way, I get frustrated.

I am fine just the way I am,

As we got to know each other, I thought we understood that,

I don't need to be fixed, or analyzed,

I need a friend; I need a lover; I need you.

But I can't be something else to you, I can only be me.

You tell me I used to be different, and that hurts.

It takes time to open up you know,

It takes time to trust and get to a deeper level.

I exposed myself in ways I never thought I could,

I shared parts deeply hidden.

And I can't understand why that seems to offend you.

Maybe that's why I clammed up for so long.

I just didn't know how to open up and be free with you.

You are older than me and I felt intimidated and awe struck.

It's not that I'm too young, but maybe too full of my own self prophesy.

I see how delicate expectations can be.

I see the desire to love me in your eyes,

I can also see the sparkle of anger in them when I don't do something right.

Sometimes I see how you catch yourself before exploding.

Thank God we are not married.

What a scary expectation that would be.