Hey everyone! I am new here, though I have posted on Fanfiction before, generally with Harry Potter stuff, so this is new to me in that aspect. This was just a story that came out originally as Harry Potter, but it somehow changed in the middle. I think its better without it. Any ways tell me what you think. Forgive the spelling and the grammar mistakes. And speaking of that, I am looking for a good beta, if anyone is interested, leave your e-mail in the review and I will get back to you. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Oh yes, sorry this is so short, it took me a while, and it might me another long while to get other parts up. Thanks!


He Was in Love


He was in love.

He was always in love.

He was very easy to love.

It was hard to see why anyone would not love him except for the fact that someone always loved him. Jeff always had someone that he could call his own, to love like never before. His girlfriends were always with him, they never let him out of their sight, they were too much in love with him. Or the idea of him. He was always well known with the female population. Any girl who had an idea about gossip knew that if she was ever lucky enough to get a hold of him, she would have to hold on with all her might because he was oh so easy to love.

He was never alone.

He always had someone to love.

The only reason he left a girl was because he had another one lined up; a better one in the wing. They usually had no hard feelings about it; they just got to spend every waking minute with the best guy on the face of the earth for how ever long he was interested in them. After, they would then go right back to being an avid member of his unofficial fan club, worshiping his every move and cursing his every girlfriend.

He had no friends.

He never had time for friends.

But he was easy to love.

Jeff was never a friendly type. He never knew how to be a friend. He knew how to be a boyfriend, he knew how to be a brother, but just not a friend. He spent every waking minute with his flavour until he found a better one, and then went with her. There was little in between two, maybe a day or less. But then again, that was during the day. He never slept. He had an entirely different life at night. It was the only time when he could just exist, just exist to exist and have no one need him.

He wasn't in love.

He was never in love.

He was easy to love.

It was very easy to see why countless girls fell at his feet night after night. He looked like he could love. He never looked like he was in love, but he looked like he could. He had this glow about him that made him flawless, day or night. You were drawn to him, even if you weren't attracted. You could see it in the way he held himself that he had so much love to give, but he was holding it in. Jeff wasn't a shallow person. But with his love, he was.

He had no friends.

He had acquaintances.

He always had time for his acquaintances.

Jeff was never a friendly type. He knew how to be a forgettable friend, and in that case, you didn't have to be friendly. He knew how to meet someone, drink, laugh and then forget and be forgotten. He was good with anyone he met. Not friendly but comfortable. You wanted to tell him your life story, only having known his name, Jeff. But then the sun would break or the bar would close and he was everything but remembered.

Then he met her.


She was beautiful.

She was amazing.

She was easy to love.

There wasn't a person that didn't love her and there wasn't a person that she didn't love. Dara always had someone to love. Not the love that was in love, it was simply love. The love that never changes. She never had anyone to love. She had friends, she had boys, all of which she loved, but none that she was in love. Her love was one that you always wanted but was never without. And when it all came down, all her boys were no more than friends.

Dara was happy enough with her life. She knew there was nothing special, nothing spectacular to it. She was simply there to exist and have her existence affect everyone around her. This made her happy, for a while. She had an epiphany during a showing of West Side Story; she's not an emotional slave. This made her stand up and walk out.

Like always her friends came to her for advice or a quick laugh, and she discovered, she couldn't turn them down, she couldn't do it. So life went on as usual. Dara's life was shaken, but she would never let her friends suffer because of it.

She had to leave.

She needed to leave.

She wanted to leave.

Her seeming perfect life was no more. Now that she looked at it, it never really was in the first place. This did not mean that she couldn't appear to be perfect, and that's what she did. Day in and day out Dara was perfect, and no one noticed that she was slowly wasting away. No one wanted to see that, they needed someone perfect in their life.

So she left.