As I lose myself in the depths of my mind

Swimming through the memories that make my life

A forbidden thought stands out from them all

and once again I seem to fall....

I ask myself why it feels so good,

to imagine you doing things you shouldn't do

I send a lustful gaze your way

and i laugh...

Because you have no idea what I want to say

I close my eyes gently and fall into sin

My thoughts take me to places I've never been

And my body wishes to fulfill these dreams

but everything isn't as it seems

One glance at your lips, so silky and smooth

With a flush, I wonder if you know what I'd do

if I were to have you to myself

You'd immediately banish thoughts of anyone else

I'd take you to Heaven, make you hot as Hell,

And after that I know you'll remember me well

The way that I touch you, the way that I sigh

the way that I kiss you and look deeply into your eyes

We could ride on a cloud, we could sink into bliss

We could fall in an intertwinement of limbs

Now darling there's one thing I need to know...

Do you dare to go to places you normally wouldn't go?