Perhaps it hadn't been such a good idea to create the world. But nobody was quite sure how it happened.

During one of Loki's wild bashes, somebody had spiked the punch. Hermes was widely suspected, but then again, maybe the punch was spiked to begin with. At any rate, seeing Athena doing the limbo half-drunk using Quetzalcoatl as a limbo bar was interesting, and the party had gone well enough (despite Freya's allegations that Amaethon had stollen her amber necklace and Loki's creepy cackling all throughout the ordeal).

All in all, by the time the party was over, all had been settled (even Fortuna's dubious luck at poker) except for one thing. Sometime in the mayhem, the world had been created. Nobody knew how or who or why (nobody could remember more than a drunken haze)-- perhaps that was why there were so many conflicting stories about it-- but it was interesting to poke at the small creatures named humans.

It was also fun to smite them, but they wouldn't discover this until later.

Strange thing, these little molds of flesh. None of the gods were interested in these puny creatures until somebody discovered how easily they could be influenced into bootlicking-- er, WORSHIPPING, deities. After that, the gods were like kids with an ant farm, except the goal was to see who could inflict fear/respect/humility/faith into more ants. That is, people.

Then Hades came up with the brilliant idea of death. He was getting quite lonely in his little realm, with only company a two-headed dog he had created when he accidentally stubbed his toe on a rock. Since death was his idea, of course he wanted all the dead humans to be sent in his realm. So, there was bickering, but it all came to an end when it was established that every human would go to their respective god's realm, to be punished or rewarded. Some gods even came up with these things called "human sacrifices", but only the particulary bloody ones went through with it.

So, death was turned into a booming bussiness.

That wouldn't have been a problem, until the disembodied souls gathered together and threatened with riots lest the gods go through with their respective promises of assorted heavens and nirvanas, reincarnations and eternal punishments.

Afterlife Administration, they called it. This non-profit organization consisted in volunteers (the aforementioned disembodied spirits), working for eternity to ensure the smooth passage of souls to the afterlife. Well, that's what they WANT you to think. The truth is, it was founded out of spite and the sheer amount of paperwork needed to be filled out to enjoy your afterlife is simply ludicrous (on the flipside, if you're doomed to eternal punishment, no paperwork, you get hauled directly to your place of unending grief).

The smiting, the worshipping, the temple-building went on, all until the gods got a tad bored and decided to retire for the rest of eternity. So, they built themselves a lounge and hired themselves a secretary.

They rarely stepped outside the lounge and soon became known around the Afterlife Administration offices simply as the Big Ones, the gestalt of gods that were there somewhere. Their secretary was known as Mediumly-Large One, simply because nobody could pronounce her name.

Of course, I heard all this from a one-eyed turtle that also claims he once carried the world on his back, so it could all be a pile of dribble.