Thursday, February 22, 2007- In Thai Class

Hehe, an update for you guys… not.

Sorry for the (massive) delay in productivity, but 10th grade. Well… has never been so much fun. School, friends and almost everything else has been taking up all my time. And honestly, I'm just too lazy to write anymore.

But I have something, well, this little snippet that sorta made it's way out of the fluff and the cotton balls in my head.

"Oh quit your laughing. Just because you guys can bareback it, doesn't mean that you have the right to mock the unlucky." Jase grumbled while viciously slamming his locker door shut. He was a bit too late for the sheaf of papers that shot out of the locker milliseconds before the slam.

"Aww… poor little widdly-puddly Jasie-poo. It's okay. If anything like this happens again, I'm always here to comfort you and convince you to join the dark side." Matin just stood back and cooed at Jase mockingly. Jase himself was starting to turn into a tomato from suppressed frustration while trying stack up all the pieces of paper he had dropped. But his fingers were too stiff and the papers too stubborn. Many of them barely escaped the trampling feet from the other students also using the hallway.

"I don't think your little boytoy would like that." Jasen shot a glare at Matin. "And I don't think my girlfriend would like it either." He finished collecting all the wayward papers and shoved them back hazardously into his locker again.

Matin just petted his head lightly, like one would do to a slimy hippo. "You're so cute when you're sexually frustrated. Your ears even turn red." Jase turned even redder, now looking more and more like an overripe tomato. His hands shot up to cover his ears.

Still wide-eyed with embarrassment, Jasen bit back, "You don't wanna say that out loud. Really."

Smirking, Matin just crossed his arms. "Well, why?"

"Lyne's also sexually frustrated too."


"And when she's frustrated, she's even scarier than her monthly periods."

"Ookay. Now I feel lucky to be gay."

"You have no idea."