Fairies Midnight Ball

Happy Birthday, Gilly. I hope you like this

Dancing bluebells

Casting love spells

Fairies dance to the moonlight

And they take to their wings in flight

And lullabies drift through the spring grass

The fairies dance in their shoes of glass

The wolves will sing and the crickets will play

And the fireflies light will shine over the bay

The fairies lights twinkle with delight

As they have their Ball on the stroke of midnight

The fairies will dance and play and sing

All within the nights of spring

So come with me and you will see

The fairy King ride in on his mighty bumble bee

His Queen will ride in on a beautiful butterfly

Then they'll join together and dance in the sky

But as the sun begins to rise

And an orange light covers the skies

The fairies will go back into hiding

The butterflies come down, gracefully gliding

The fairies have gone, they're lost from sight

Even though the humans look for them with all their might

A human will never see a fairy in a toadstool hall

Only at their midnight Ball