You're Never Coming Home

When I would see your number pop up

My heart would leap

I would smile

We were never separated

The phone was tied up at our houses while we talked all night

Then the painful realization came

I still won't admit it

Maybe I blame myself

Though there was nothing i could do

now the other one

Do you remember?

The day in the diner

with Julien

when we shared hamburgers

and threw fries at him

And when the bill came he insisted that he paid for most of it

That day we left the biggest tip ever known to man

Because our waitress had a kid

Do you remember?

When we met up during Sadies

I had ditched my two dates

And you were waiting for your boyfriend?

We shivered in the cold waiting for those familiar

headlights that made us smile

wider than we ever had before

Do you remember?

When I talked to you about my first date

and I couldn't stop cussing?

I was so upset

That your's was perfect

And mine was ruined

A first shattered

Do you remember?

When you first had me listen to System of a Down?

And I wanted to break the CD in half

Because I hated it?

And then a week later

I came up to you

and you asked me what I was listening to

and I replied

System of a Down

Do you remember?

That night on the phone when

you broke the news to me

that you needed help

and I wouldn't admit

that I needed help too

Do you remember?

Your first day back

after you were in counseling for two days straight

and I gave you that black nail polish

and the first thing you told me was that your dad

took away those thongs you loved so much

and I just gave an awkward smile?

This poem has alot of emotional signifigance. So be nice please :) It actually is based on true events.