Uninvited Guest - Chapter 1

"This place is so beautiful!" I shouted while trudging through the woods with my friends.

How I love the wonderful colors of the autumn leaves, but at the same time it's kind of sad to think this only means winter is coming and soon all of these leaves will be on the ground dead. They'll be covered with a thick cold blanket of snow until spring when new life will begin to grow.

"I agree Kayla, I can't believe we have to leave in two days," Thomas said while following behind me and holding tightly on to Susanna's hand.

Susanna added, "Yes but we must leave, that's the last bus going down from the mountain until spring."

Thomas and Susanna have been dating for about four months. My boyfriend was supposed to also come with us on this trip but we broke up about a week before the trip.

I could see the woods were becoming thinner. "You guys I think we're approaching the road."

Sure enough within ten minutes we had reached the road and started walking along side it so we could return to camp.

Thomas walked between Susanna and me. "Hey girls, I think we're going to pass by that log cabin we drove by on the way up the mountain last week. I wonder if anyone lives there."

Susanna commented, "Well if anyone does live there I'm sure they'll be taking the bus down the mountain so they aren't stranded here all winter."

"Unless they saved enough food and supplies for the winter," I said thoughtfully.

Thomas and Susanna continued discuss the log cabin and what kind of person probably lived there. I drowned out their words while I admired the beauty of nature that was all around me.

I continued walking in a trancelike state until Thomas shouted out, "Look! There's that cabin!"

I whirled my head around to see the small log cabin. At first I didn't notice him, but when he moved to bring the axe flying down on a log all of our eyes were on him.

He looked like some sort of woodsman with his thick brown beard and rather long hair. His Carhartt pants and jacket covered his whole body. He had a hat that was pulled down and hide his eyes so I really couldn't see much of his face.

I stood there with my mouth gaping open at the stranger until I saw him begin to turn his head towards us; we all scurried along down the road.

I glanced back at the cabin once more and saw the man had stopped chopping his firewood and lifted his eyes to glare at us.

I thought about the woodman we had seen most of the walk back to camp. Thomas and Susanna were busy being 'into each other' the whole way anyway, so I had plenty of time to think.

Why did he choose to live out here in the middle of no where? Was he going to stay for the whole winter? Or would I see him again on the bus ride down the mountain? How long has he lived here? Does he live alone? I was quite interested in this stranger to say the least.

When we returned, the trip's coordinator had a large pot stew over the fire and it was already warmed up so we helped ourselves to a bowl. This trip has been great. You pay one fee and they cover all your meals for you. Which was great since we already needed to bring were our tents, sleeping bags, clothes, and other daily essentials.

After finishing my stew I went straight to my tent and fell asleep thinking of all sorts of ideas on why in the world you would want to live in a cabin like that.


I awoke to someone shaking my tent. "Wake up Kayla!" I heard Thomas's annoying voice.

Crawling out of my tent, I peered up at him. "What is it?"

"Pack up, we're leaving this afternoon."

Everyone around me was scurrying around packing up their things. "What's going on? Why are we leaving?"

"The bus driver received a radio call this morning, there's a bad winter storm coming this evening."

"Oh great," I said as I started to shove my things into my bag. Thomas was walking back towards his tent when hollered to him, "Thanks for waking me!"

He turned and gave me a playful salute before climbing into his tent.

At least it's only a couple days early; I guess it could be worse. I thought while putting the remaining possession of mine in the bag and zipping it up. I was a light packer so it didn't take me long.

I set my bag over by the pile that was next to the bus waiting to be loaded up. I began taking down my tent down and folding it up.

"Hi Kayla, want to go for a walk before we have to leave?"

I raised my head to see a dark haired boy with big brown eyes staring down at me. I nodded, "Hi Jacob, sure I'll walk with you."

I had met Jacob for the first time on the bus ride up here. He seemed like a real nice guy and it was cool to have someone around who acted interested in me, especially after been dumped just recently.

I stood and Jacob grabbed my hand leading me down the trail that I had taken with Thomas and Susanna yesterday.

He sighed, "This is such a nice place, it's kind of sad we have to leave today."

"Yeah, I agree…."

There was awkward silence for about 10 minutes until I finally thought of something else to say, "It's so nice out, I can hardly believe it will snow later today."

He answered back, "Yeah…" He sighed and grabbed my arm. "Um, listen," he said while lowering his eyes. "I like you."

I stared at him in disbelief, sure I though he might like me but I was surprised he actually came out and said it.

He pulled me to him and tried to kiss me before even giving me a chance to say anything. I jumped away breaking my arm free from him, "Wait, you can't just kiss me. I'm not interested in you like that."

He shoved me, "You bitch! You've been wasting my time and leading me on since we started this trip."

"Leading you on? I was nice to you but I wouldn't say I was leading you on!"

"Fucking bitch," he said as he tried to shove me again. I'm scared.

I darted down the trail; unfortunately the way to camp was behind him. I didn't want to try to run past him so I ran down the trail in the opposite direction.

I glanced back to see that he was following me. What luck, he turned out to be a weirdo!

I had my compass with me so I felt safe veering off into the wood. I turned left into the woods and continued running like there was no tomorrow.

I kept my eyes alert while running, the last thing I needed was a stick in my eye or to trip over something and fall.

I'm scared. I'm so fucking scared. Maybe I should have just pretended like I liked him back instead of running. Now he's acting like he's going to kill me if he catches me. What did I do to deserve this?

I was thinking too hard because my alert eyes some how missed a large tree root that was under some leaves.

I went tumbling face first and sprained my ankle. Without looking back I jumped up and started running again. I could see a clearing to the left, I started heading in that direction.

As my luck would have it there was a house, no wait… a log cabin. I recognized it as the same one that we had seen yesterday.

I didn't hesitate running up to the cabin, that scary woodsman seemed safer than Jacob. The man was outside again chopping more firewood, perhaps he was staying for the winter and that's why he needed so much wood.

I ran up to him completely out of breath, "H… H… Help… me…"

His gray eyes looked up from chopping firewood and were frowning at me. "Get off my property," he said sternly.

I sat on the ground. That's right; I plopped down on the ground right there in front of him. "Please… Help me!"

Glaring down at me he was about to say something when Jacob's voice rang out through the woods. "Kaylaaaaa… Where are you? I won't hurt you, I just want to talk."

The woodsman glanced back at me. He grabbed my arm and ordered me, "Hide behind this stack of firewood." I peeked over the wood pile to see him walking towards the sound of Jacob's voice.

I could hear him clearly, "Boy, get off of my property now!"

"I'm just looking for my..."

"I don't care! I'm going to get my shotgun if you aren't out of my sight by the time I reach my front door."

I saw the woodsman head towards his door and at the same time Jacob scrambled to the road and started sprinting in the direction of camp.

"Now, get off my property too little lady," he said in a little less stern voice than before.

"Thank you," I murmured and I walked towards the woods. I would rather walk through the woods then down the road where I might run into Jacob again. Before I entered the woods I felt something cold and wet drop onto my nose. I looked up, it was beginning to snow.

I hurried, the best I could with a sprained ankle, through the woods using my compass to make sure I stayed in the direction of camp.

This isn't right, too much time has passed. Camp is closer than this. Even with the trees stopping some of the snow, the ground was already starting to become covered with a blanket of whiteness.

I kept trudging on wards for what seemed like forever. I guess I should turn back and see if I maybe some how missed camp. I followed my footsteps back the way I came until eventually I could no longer see my old tracks because they were covered in snow.

What seemed like hours later I finally noticed the woods was thinning out. I pushed on ward and found myself at the road. I had passed camp by far and started heading back in the correct direction along side the road.

Finally the camp, wait… Where is everyone? Where is the bus? Where are our bags? They left me!

I looked down the road; I wouldn't be able to see the bus even if it wasn't very far down the road. The small snow storm was now a raging blizzard.

I'm going to die here just like all the plants that are getting covered with the snow. I'll freeze to death! I can't believe they left me! I'm on this mountain all alone… unless…

I started running down the road. My legs were numb so my sprained ankle didn't bother me. Please still be here. Please…

I finally managed to find the cabin again, and yes there was a dim light from the window.

I ran up to the door and began pounding on it.

The door swung open and the heat from with in hit my body beckoning me to come in. But the gray eyes that were locked on me sent out warning that I better stay away.


This is an idea for a story that I had. I wrote up the first chapter so I could see what people think. Should I continue?

I'm just posting this up as an one-shot for right now until I finish one of the other stories I am currently working on, which are: 'Omundor's Daughters – Powers Unleashed' and 'Lost in Darkness'.