In Case of Emergency Break Glass

By SKATEnaked-BlindReaper

Okay, here's an outline and a teaser for my new story. It's just a summary and a few selected scenes that I thought up. I hope that it sounds interesting.

Bam tries to kill himself by slitting his wrists and overdosing (it will be explained why both). He's sent to a rehabilitation center and finds that the only one in the center that has the guts to talk to him is a girl he's met before. She's a well known writer who's known for partying hard with rock stars and skaters alike. They've actually never met, but they are know quite a bit about each other. The story chronicles his required two months in the clinic and a few months after he's released. The female role is used to show Bam a few things that, eventually, help him get over his sickness.

Here's a teaser of a few conversations that go on in the clinic:

"Did you know what you were doing?"

"Yeah, I'd thought about it so many times before, but I'd never thought I'd be able to slit my wrists."

"Did you want to die?"

"I never thought of it as drying, I was just speeding time up. Making things a hell of a lot easier for me."


"Do ever remember a time where you were happy?"

"I remember being happy, but it was shallow happiness. It was my money that made me happy."

"Money would've been enough for me." I turned to look at a girl snickering, but when our eyes met she stopped. A look of fright formed on her face and I realized something, I scared people. I hurt people and the power I wielded because of my wealth was worth nothing. I didn't want to be that person, I wanted people to like me for me.

"If money's enough then you're fucked up." Another voice, an angry voice, devoid of fear spoke up. I recognized her from tabloids, but I couldn't remember who she was.


I can't wait to get started on writing this. Hopefully, I'll have the first chapter up tomorrow. But, this isn't my first priority, Charades is still my first priority. And my SP stories. This will be updated weekly at the least though. –Kimmi