"Of all the Things." (unfinished I think)

Of all the words I could have said,
I said I hated you.
And of all the things you could have replied,
you said you loved me too.
And of all the things I could have done,
I punched you in your arm.
Yet of all the places you could have struck,
you caused me no harm.
Of all the things I have seen,
I was not prepared for this.
All the pain you could have shown me,
you showed me happiness and bliss.
So how is it you love me,
when I give you nothing but pain?
How is it possible to smile at me,
when for you there is no gain?
What I want you to show me,
is how to recover everthing I've destroyed in haste.
And I want to learn how to do this,
with a smile upon my face.
(c) Cassandra F. 6/6/05