There are winners,

And there are losers,

There are lovers,

And there are haters,

There's so much in the world,

That never comes to sight,

There are dreamers,

There are seekers,

There are finders,

And there are hiders,

There's so much to the world,

We just tend to overlook it,

Then there really is no such winner,

There are only losers.

Author's Note: Ok...I added this poem up here because I know this is a pretty good poem. So if you don't want to squash my confidence on one little poem you will tell me if this is good. Plus I am really happy! I'm on someone's favorite author list! Oh yeah and to whoever thinks Dreams is a sad poem... it was written in a state of being half awake and half asleep. So really I don't know how you can call it sad when I had no feeling when I was writing it. That was just to clear things up. Anyway review please. (or watch my confidence shatter into to peices! Your choice. Choose wisely...)