Prophet – Prologue

All of the people in the small country of Athata gathered in the town square to hear the announcement the Prophet Rhymos would be making today. Today was the day that he would announce who he foresaw as the countries next great commander of their army. This person would help lead them and their allies to victory in the world war that had been going on for centuries.

The people of Athata shouted back and forth to each other in excitement.

"The Prophet has always chosen the best commander possible, but never has he promised that they would win the war! This is exciting!"

"Who do you think he'll choose?"

"I bet he'll pick Princess Lexus!"

"We're going to win the war!"

"I hope he picks me, I want to lead my country to victory!"

The shouting all stopped at once when the Prophet walked up onto the stage to make his announcement. You could have heard a pin drop right now it was so silent in the town square.

He began his speech, "My comrades, I have had the vision of the next commander, and I am prepared to share the name of the person I saw with you. I was pleased to see that this person is someone that is close to me, someone I trust. Many of you look up to this person already and I hope that those of you who do not already know this person, you will treat them with great respect from here on out." He took a deep breath and continued, "I will keep you waiting no longer. The person that will lead us to victory is… Miss Helena Amelia Irayalore."

The crowds cheered and a young woman was pushed up on stage moments later. She looked like she was in her early 20's and had long wavy dark brown hair with greenish blue eyes. She wasn't strikingly beautiful but she was pleasant looking.

The Prophet walked over and put an arm around her shoulders. He shouted above the crowd, "I present to you, Commander Irayalore!"

Prophet – Chapter 1


The last thing I expected was for Rhymos to pick me as the next commander. I felt honored… and scared.

There was a party at every house near the town square, every bar was full, and there wasn't a soul who wasn't celebrating tonight.

I sat at the stool in a small pub I always went to, for the first time in my life I didn't have to pay for a single drink. Everyone was buying the new 'Commander' a drink.

After a few rounds I decided to call it a night, I knew I would need to begin training as soon as possible and I'm sure they would want me to start first thing tomorrow.

As the parties raged on through the night, Rhymos escorted me back to my family's house. It was convenient that he lived next to us.

"Rhymos, why didn't you tell me I'm who you saw in the vision?"

He smiled, "Because it is tradition for you not to know until I announce it to the whole country."

"But this is different, I'm not just some random person in Athata, you know me."

"Yes and it was a very hard secret to keep. Along with the other visions I saw of you."

"What! What else did you see?"

"I will tell you when the time is right and not a moment sooner."

I grunted, "You're so difficult. I don't know why my family puts up with you."

"Oh Helena, you're difficult too," he said while still smiling.

Rhymos had been a family friend for many years. He was like an uncle to me. He even came to our family reunions; other probably saw it as strange the way I casually spoke with the Prophet of Athata.

"Can't you tell me even something small you saw about me?"

He looked up towards the stars like he was pondering if there was anything insignificant that he had seen in the visions.

"It will be 5 months of training before you are completely prepared to take the full responsibilities of commander. It will be 7 months after that before your name is well known to all the other countries. Soon after that, my more vital visions will begin to unfold. That's all that you can know for now."

"That's more than I expected you to tell me… Thanks."

We approached my front door, "Goodnight Rhymos."

He waved and I entered my family's house and walked into the family room. Here in Athata whole families live together. For example in my house hold there is my grandmother, my parents, and two sets of aunts and uncles, and their children.

Each individual family, such as my parents and me, get a section of the house with their own living room, bedrooms, and bathroom. In the middle of the house we have a shared family room which is connected to a shared kitchen.

My grandmother appeared to be the only person still awake in the house; she smiled when she saw me walk in the room.

"Helena Amelia, I am so happy for you," she said while getting up and hugging me. "Now my dear you better get some sleep, Rhymos is sure to start your training tomorrow morning."

"Goodnight Grandma," I said before kissing her cheek and walking to my immediate family's section of the house. I climbed into my bed and closed my eyes. One full year before Rhymos will tell anymore about his visions. I have a while to wait.


I watched Helena until I saw her close the door behind her, now safe in her home. I need to stop being so protective over her now. She's going to have to learn how to fend for herself, and she will start learning first thing tomorrow morning.

I walked next door to my house, what a lonely house it was. I had no real family which is why I lived alone. I was blessed with being a Prophet but cursed with living for centuries.

I continued to think about Helena. Even before I foresaw her as our next commander I knew that she would end up doing something good for this world. When she was just a little girl I saw this ability in her. She's always been so strong and had such passion in the things she did. I felt proud to announce her as 'Commander Irayalore'.

My visions do not always make complete sense. But they can usually tell me what a more favorable choice is. For example when I have a vision of the next commander, that person that is more than likely to give us positive results, but that doesn't necessary mean that we will triumph.

In Helena's case it was different, I actually visualized that our country would play a large part in winning the battle, along with our allies of course. I don't plan to tell Helena the full extent of what I saw until the time comes. Sometimes if someone knows too much about their future it can have a negative effect. I would tell her what I needed to and nothing more.

I didn't want to tell her that when she left in a year our small country of Athata would be completely destroyed, if I told her this I fear she would never leave thinking she could protect our country, but fate is fate and this country will perish. I didn't lie when I said we would win the war, our people would win and then we would rebuild Athata.

I also foresaw love in Helena's future, and this would play a big part in the out come of the war. My vision wasn't clear enough for me to tell exactly how it would play a part.


This was one of my coolest dreams that I am turning into a story, I first wrote it down about 6 months ago. This first chapter is mostly informational. The next chapter will skip to a year down the road.

I'm just posting this up as an one-shot for right now until I finish one of the other stories I am currently working on, which are: 'Omundor's Daughters – Powers Unleashed' and 'Lost in Darkness'.