Get Away

Get away from me,
With your habits that kill.
You don't know the hatred
With which my heart is filled.

You don't know how I feel,
I want to shed my skin,
Stand up and peel
These layers spread thin.

You judge me for the
People I choose as friends,
You know what they do,
But they know you.
You think you know me,
And it's not true.

I may say some things
And act some ways
But hey-
That doesn't mean I do that every day.

You may call me this
Come on, think of something new.

You may call me that,
It's becoming a bore

I act the way I do
Because it helps my day
Go by . . . . . . . .
Makes me soar through the sky,
Dance among the clouds,
Run with the wolves of the winds.

I'll see you in the heavens,
Once you realize what I say is true
And just maybe one day you
-Yes you-
Will have as much fun as I do.