One thing that makes me angry is the whole "searching for soul mates" thing. What that sentence is really saying is: searching for a soul mate digitally. On a website that is. Posting your name, picture, and all these good things you have(your nice, you like long walks on the beach, whatever) on a website and waiting for someone to come to you or for you to come to somebody.

Dating sites are crap. I'm going to say that as my "thesis" to this. I cannot stand them. Those sites take away something from a relationship.

Now some people do that as a last resort; they've given up trying to find their "soul mate" the natural way so they throw themselves out there like a fishing line and hope to "catch some fish." Others are nervous about meeting people face to face so they make it so they don't have to, so that they meet someone online, get to know them through AOL instant messenger, by email, or chat room, and end up agreeing to meet them after a long period of talking via computer.

Meeting someone online is much different then doing it the natural way. In fact, it takes away something from the natural way. The natural way is not knowing. An example I can think of right now happened at the swim meet between West Geauga vs. Cleveland Heights. Mid-way through the meet, three girls walked up to me, introduced themselves to me, and asked me to sit with them. They knew me from a play they saw, and they also knew two people from the cast. Now I didn't know anything about these people. What I do know so far is that they know who am I and they were nice enough to ask if I could sit with. They're friendly.

Another example happened on January 30th. My friend went to and inadvertently found someone who he thought I'd be interested in. So he gave the site and asked me to read what this person had to say about herself. So I did. She seemed like a nice and intelligent person. Then my friend went on to tell this person that I was interested in her without me actually saying that. I ended up telling her about that, and my friend was confused as to why.

When the girl from the website contacted me on AOL Instant Messenger, I knew what to think of her. I had something to compare her to. For the case of the swim meet girls, I had nothing at all to compare them to because I didn't know them prior to meeting them. They could act like themselves around me because they didn't know me either. We could all act natural because we having nothing restraining us, no standard to have to expect.

And that's the best part of the natural way of making friends. You don't know what to expect. You can experiment more, find out more about them, use your natural instincts. You're not afraid to be curious when you aks a question because you don't know what the answer is going to be. If you already know something about someone then you would become more nervous asking that person a question. Its more comfortable to just not know. It's a paradox that works.