The meaning of life. It is the question that has baffled century-after-century of human beings. In Roman times it had no meaning. In Medieval Times, the meaning of life was whatever God said it was. It would remain that way all the way up until the Industrial Revolution, when new technology allowed anyone and everyone to control their own destiny's. Nowadays, no one can even ponder at the meaning of life. All we have is theories.

Several of those theories are broad ones. Some believe that the meaning is to find your soul mate. Others even think that there is no meaning. Everyone has their own belief. Mine is somewhat general, but in some ways specific too. My belief is that the meaning of life is to make a difference in something. That something could be the world, someone's life, or anything at all, large or small. And to me it makes sense. Kids are trained to go out in the world and make it big in their field. A lot of them don't, but that's still what grown-ups train us to do. Now the difference can be really anything. From saving someone's life to simply putting ten dollars into a homeless man's begging cup. Anything a person can do to help another person in such a way that makes a difference. And after the difference has been made, a person is ready to die. Now that doesn't mean that person should die a second later, it just means that if, by chance, the person does die a second later, he or she should die happy because they've fulfilled life's main goal.

All right, well that's really it. I have nothing more to say on this topic other than explaining my version of the meaning of life. The explanation was short and simple, like my theory.