Author's note: Whoever appears in this fic is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to anyone, alive or otherwise, is purely coincidental.

Also, this fic uses several languages. Therefore...

"Normal text": English speech / Japanese translated

Italic text: Thoughts- English and Japanese alike

-Bar text- : German translation

(Wrapped text) : If not an authors note, then it's French translation

Full Summary: Kumiko Nakashima is cold, heartless, the daughter of a billionare, and often a target for terrorists. Nathan Weiran has lost his memory, works as a bounty hunter, has a bad attitude when it comes to women, and saves Kumiko's life. They can't stand each other, and things only go worse when Nathan is hired to become Kumiko's bodyguard, even if they both are only 16. But Kumiko will find out something about Nathan, as will he, that will change their lives forever...

Metal Wing Angel


Everything was calm in Tokyo, Japan. Trees rustled in the breeze, birds chirped at one another as if communicating, and the wind blew with a summer breeze. Everything was calm, peaceful, tranquil.

And this lasted about five seconds past 6:02 PM until it was broken by a scream.


The scream was so painful, so agonizing, that whoever had released that shout, would surely face a fate worse than death itself.


"So, let me get this straight," A blond teen started, staring at the coordinator across the desk in front of him. "Not only am I supposed to become the body guard of... that demon... But I'm supposed to follow her 24-7!?" The teen in question was obviously not pleased. Far from it. Contrary to the scream he made earlier, he was not in pain, but he was sure pissed off. He stopped shouting at the coordinator to catch his breath. She took this as a sign to continue.

"Weiran, you haven't had problems being a bodyguard before, why is this assignment so different?" She asked the hunter. Nathan looked up at her and sighed, putting his elbows on the desk, (which she noted) and placed his forehead in between his two palms. Once again, the hunter sighed and continued to look depressed.

"Have you even met the stupid woman?" Nathan asked his secretary in return, glaring at her with the red eyes he had.

"Can't say I have, but I have heard about her." The secretary sighed. She started to get a dreamy look in her eyes, which seemed to disgust Nathan even more. "She's such a talented young woman. Only sixteen and nearly perfect at vocal and piano. She's every japanese girls role model." She continued to rumble on while gazing out into space. All Nathan could do was either glare at his coordinator, or yawn. He decided to do the former.

"Don't you turn on me too, Julia." Nathan scratched his hair, not at all attempting to be neat, and brung his feet up from the ground, and sat in a cross-legged position on the chair. He stared up at the cieling for a few seconds before continuing. "She absolutely despises me, for no reason at all!"

"Well, you must've done something." Julia stated before lowering her chin to the desk and pointed at Nathan. "You're certainly not a gentlemen, but it's not like you find a reason to piss woman off. Tell me what happened. I'm sure I can tell you what you did wrong." Nathan glared at his subordinate, but sighed nonetheless. He began to speak.

"Alright. It all started yesterday, when our happy little group arrived in Tokyo..."

---Chapter 1: Savior---

I guess I should explain some things. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Nathan Weiran (Pronounced: Way-ran). I work for the BHB, or the Bounty Hunter Brigade. As the name suggests, we are a group of bounty bunters that capture crime and take it in for a reward. The reason that we bounty hunters have become official fighters of the law is because of the state our world is in. Years after a terrible accident, a new crime syndicate surfaced.

The new syndicate, who is unamed at this point, has been causing accidents worldwide. Every single nation of earth has been hit at least once, so there's no way we can tell where they come from, or who they're after. The worst, and definately most embarrassing part of the whole ordeal is, no syndicate members have ever been caught. They always seem to get away from every crime they ever commit. And those that dont, commit instant suicide.

As a result, those higher on the social ladder started to panic, and began to hire security for their own hides. Because of the massive amount of officers pulled from their duties to become security, the rest of the law-enforcers became over worked. That's when we come in. The Bounty Hunter Brigade was formed by the government to lessen the stress on the police force. Thus, our activities became legal and we would 'help the world become a better place' and all that other crap...

Now, on to the reason of why I hate my assignment, Kumiko Nakashima.


(Day: -01 (One day ago) Nakashima residence) (Monday: 9:37 AM)

Sunlight started to pour onto the large bed of Kumiko Nakashima. Slowly, the light continued to rise, and soon reached Kumiko's eyes. The sunlight was enough to bring her back from her dreamworld. She opened her eyes and squinted at the hard light.

It's morning already? She thought she'd wake up earlier. A quick glance at her alarm clock proved her wrong. 9:39 AM? She sat up in her bed and got off of it. She then proceded to the large mirror at the corner of her room.

She never agreed to it personally, but people, the same age of not, agreed that Kumiko was a beautiful child. Her dark blue hair stretched down to her waist and was straight, with bangs at the side of her face that commonly came in contact with her shoulders. She had very pale skin, and had light purple eyes that shone brightly when she was delighted.

However, no one can really remember when those eye's of hers shone as brightly as they have before. Back when that happened.

Stop it, she cursed to herself. That was the past.

She stopped and looked intensely at her face and turned to her dresser.

Thank god.


(40 minutes later)

After changing her clothes and eating a quick breakfast, Kumiko excused herself from the maids and walked outside for a small walk.

Of course, her father wasn't home. He was busy setting up for security or something for themselves. He said that he planned to hire a personal bodyguard for herself, which she personally could do without. She had stated several times that she practiced with a sword every day, and that hiring a bodyguard for her would only be a waste of money. She even said she'd be the one protecting the bodyguard if he hired one. But he refused to listen to her. When Akira Nakashima says something, it always means it's going to happen. He never listens to me, anyway. She thought with sadness. Nonetheless, she pushed the thoughts aside as soon as she reached her favourite park.

Kumiko could be said to be beautiful without any accessories at all. And it was true. She never saw the point in wearing any make-up, or wearing anything other than her clothes. She never even pierced her ears. Currently, she wore a black halter top with no particular design on, with blue jeans that reached her ankles. And, of course, she wore bright white athlete shoes.

She walked alone for a few moments before she turned a corner of the park, and bumped into someone. She felt herself losing balance and landed on her bottom. She wasn't used to falling on her back and winced a little in pain, closing her eyes. "Ow... watch where you're going, you..." She looked up, opening her eyes...

...And saw a foreigner with bright blonde hair and red eyes.


(Day: -01 New BHB Station - Tokyo, Japan) (Monday: 10:10 AM)

"Julia! Bogey at three a'clock! Intercept immediatly!" Nathan shouted at his comrade.

"Sir!" Julia immediatly aimed her rifle at the nearest enemy coming from her right, shooting every moving object she could see. Sure, We're holding our ground, she thought, wincing at the bullet wound in her shoulder, but it's only a matter of time before-

"Damn!" Nathan cursed as the enemy forced their way in through the window. "Eat fast lead, Matthews!" He immediatly pulled the trigger of his gun and started spraying the opponents with bullets flying. Unfortunately, he got hit by a magnum, and was forced to retreat his position. He ran towards the room his partner was in and dashed in, narrowly dodging flying bullets aimed at him. He quickly pressed a button next the doorframe, and the metai door slid shut. Nathan punched the next button and the locks came into place.

He then proceded to his injured teammate behind a shield. "I've got some medical supplies in my backpack. Hold on for just a few seconds..." Nathan chucked his sack on the floor and started rummaging through it. Julia lifted her head and managed a weak chuckle.

"We should have seen this coming... He always tries when we least expect it. It looks like we've lost this time, Weiran."

"Don't say that. We're going to live, I'll make sure of it. And if not, I'll kill him before he can get either of us."

"You've never been able to kill him yet."

"He hasn't been able to kill me, either."

"You two are idiots."

"I know."

Then Nathan did something he found himself doing a lot recently; he charged out and immediatly sent bullets everywhere. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as he decimated the enemy troops. One fell, then another, and another, and another, until there was only one left. The last opponent drew his pistol at the same time as Nathan did, and aimed at each other's chest.



"Looks like you've become a lot more reckless than last time. You actually raided the base while we were still in it. Clever."

"I knew you weren't going to try anything this time because of your shortage of supplies. We've hit you so many times already, you're too scared to hunt us down like the rest of the criminals."

"Yet brave enough to stare you down at gun-point holding only a pistol."


They both continued to stare each other, waiting for a chance to use their fingers on the gun. The atmosphere was thick, and one small movement could've decided which one of the two lived.

And that's when Julia aimed her rifle at Dack. A red targeting light aimed at his forehead, and although shaky, it remained on his head.

Dack grinned wryily.

"I probably deserve this, don't I?"

Julia pulled the trigger of her gun. The second the bullet flew, it hit Dack and he landed on the floor in a bloody mess.



"Juliaaaaaa! Why did you do that!?" A voice suddenly whinned on the speakers in front of her.

"Because, Dack, you were an asshole back in America. You wouldn't even see me off!" Julia shouted back at the speakers.

"Chill, you guys. It's just a game."



"Shut up. This dosen't concern you."

"Yes M'am." But despite that, he laughed. Ever since he and Julia left for Japan, Julia has always been arguing with Dack. They weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend, but everyone in the 3rd station knew it was only a matter of time before those two admited their love for one another. "But don't forget I'm angry at you too. I had the perfect chance to get back at Dack and you ruined it!"

"Aw, quit whinning, ya baby," Dack said over the link. "If it makes you feel better, You wouldn't have hit me, anyway. You're not that great handling guns."

"Gee, thanks." Nathan muttered, glaring at the screen as if Dack was on TV.

"So, what have you guys done, lately? Anything exciting?" Dack said curiously.

"Dack, we only arrived here about 5 hours ago. Unless unpacking is a thrill, we haven't done much." Nathan remarked, still sitting on his butt and eating some dry cereal.

Suddenly, he heard a ring tone, so he reached for his cell, but realized that the sound wasn't that loud, and it was deeper than a ringtone.

"Hang on, I got a phone call..." Dack said on the other line. Some sounds could be heard and his voice came up again. "Hello?... Ah chief, what're ya callin for?..." His voice didn't seem that confident with those words. "...Do you have to use such language? Really, my virgin ears! They bleed!" Dack was trying his best not to laugh. So were Nathan and Julia, but only because Dack was digging his own grave. "...All right, I'm on it... Don't worry! I'm the one who's on the job!"

"I think that's why the chief's worried." Julia whispered to Nathan. Dack either couldn't hear, or ignored that remark.

"Sorry, guy's. I gotta go. Jakob was under attack again, and they're applying security. I have to make sure they don't even reach security."

"Well, shouldn't be a problem for you, Dack. I mean, you totally kicked our butts at that last game."

"...Shut up."

Dack911 has signed off.

Julia turned to Nathan. "Oh, Nathan. There's something I need you to do. You see, I did most of the unpacking, and-"

"-it would be ungentlemenly of me to not go and pick up our breakfast and frozen dinners. I gotcha Julia. I'll be right back." Nathan remarked as he stood up.

"I was about to say that I haven't had time to get our meals, so we'd have to wait. But I like your version better." The brunette replied. She smirked at Nathan as he slipped on his cap and lazily walked out of the apartment.


(Tokyo streets: 10:21 AM)

(Author: At this point, I would like to tell everyone that I, Sketcher, speak no amount of Japanese at all. I only know a few words and phrases and, to those who don't understand the japanese language at all, don't fret. I won't be using any in this fiction at all, as I'm sure there are those who wouldn't want to leave a review wanting to know what ever japanese word i say. Assume that whenever a japanese talks in this fiction, he is speaking in japanese, but is translated to english.)

Nathan had little trouble getting everything Julia and himself needed. He started memorizing japanese words by a book supplied by the BHB a week ahead of his trip. He quickly got the breakfast he needed and decided to take a short-cut through a local park. The sign said 'Agoya park'. Seems nice here, too. Nathan thought as he looked around. Sakura trees were in bloom and several other trees he could identify, as well as some he couldn't. Simply beautiful, he said to himself. He bacame so wrapped in his thoughts that he bumped into a girl by accident.

"Oh! Sorry..." But then he realized that apoligizing in english wasn't a good idea. So, he crawled down to see if she was hurt, which she wasn't, and decided to try apoligizing in japanese, but the girl interrupted him.

"Ow... watch where you're going, you..." The girl opened her eyes to Nathan and he was taken aback. Those eyes... Nathan couldn't turn away from them. They looked beautiful and deep, but then he realized they were filled with sadness.


(Mutual POV)

Both of the teens couldn't turn away from each other. They found themselves asking questions.

Who is this girl? Why are her eyes so sad? ...And why is she starting to get red in the face?

Who is he? Why is he staring at me so intensely? Am I that interesting?... Oh no, am I blushing!? She closed her eyes, hoping he would just go away. When she opened them, she looked down and realized the position they were in, then looked angrily at the stranger.

Nathan watched as she closed her eyes. He then noticed how pale her skin was. And how dark her hair was. She is... so... Beautiful... and fragile... ...NO! Stop, Weiran! He mentally slapped himself and shook his head furiously. Even if she would allow my friendship, I can't risk that. She must not know about BHB. She must not discover my... Nathan grabbed his right arm unconciously.

Then he noticed that she was glaring at him. He sat back in suprize. "What's wrong? Why are you-"


"Pervert!" She yelled at him, and kicked him off of her. She continued to glare at him.

"What the hell...?" Nathan held his cheek where the sting has yet to go away. He then glared at the girl himself. "What the hell was that for!?"

Kumiko looked slightly frightened by Nathans glare. No one had ever even dared to look at her in such a way. Mostly because she never slapped anyone she just did. But she straightened herself. "I-It's because you were trying to make a move on me, you pervert." She huffed.

Nathan twitched. What the hell is wrong with her? She believes that I made a move on her!? She's full of herself... "Fuh, don't kid yourself. ' Like I would waste valuable time hitting on girls that slap me for no good reason." Nathan rolled his eyes and sat cross-legged.

"Oh, sure you say that now, but about 30 seconds ago you were about to kiss me, you lech!" She pointed her finger accusingly at him, but he didn't react.

"I stopped, didn't I?"

"Only because I slapped you, stupid."

"Why would I kiss a brat like you, anyway?"

"You tell me, mister molester-offender!"

Nathan was starting to get fed up with this girl. Who cares if she's pretty? The bad attitude overweighs it. "You're probably bad at it, anyway." he muttered, not caring if she heard him or not.

Unfortunately, Kumiko is also known for her good hearing.



---Episode midpoint---

Profile: Nathan Weiran

Hair: Blonde, messy

Eyes: Red

Family: - Adoptive Mother; Mei Weiran

- Adoptive Sister; Lynn Weiran

Casual Attire: A black sleeveless shirt with a red sweatshirt tied around his waist. Olive green windbreaker pants, brown hiking boots, and a sheath for his spine-long sword.

Description: An S-class Hunter of the 5th Squadron, Nathan is given the title of "Hunter" because of his amazing ability to perform as a Bounty Hunter. He takes responsibility very seriously, but is rather annoyed with his new assignment, to protect Kumiko Nakashima. He is cold to strangers, friendly around friends, and respectful towards people above him. He doe's, however fight constantly with Kumiko.

---Episode midpoint---

(Present day 00: BHB headquarters) (Tuesday: 6:19 PM)

By the time Nathan finished his little story, Julia was on the floor, literaly rolling on the floor laughing. Nathan glared at her, an annoyed look plastered on his face, clearly telling her to stop laughing. The laughing died down as she sat in her chair once again, letting some small giggles escape.

"S-So... let me get this straight... Th-the best h-hunter in our stat-tion... came b-back to h-his apartment yesterday w-with two h-handprints on his face... because he got in a fight with his assignment?" She allowed herself to laugh once more, slamming her fists on the desk she was at. Nathan noticed a lot of people passing by and stared at the girl like she was crazy.

"Please, Julia. This is embarrassing enough already..." Nathan sighed, rubbing his temples with his index fingers and thumbs. "Besides, that isn't even the end of the story..." he muttered out, but immediatly regreted saying those words.

"Oh? What else did she do? Slapped something else?" She made a suggestive gesture to Nathan's bottom.

Nathan, was at this point, not happy.


"Ok, ok! I'll stop! So, what else happened?"

Nathan sighed. "Well..."


(Previous day:10:30 AM)

Kumiko started to walk away after she gave Nathan his second slap. Stupid bastard... He deserved those! She was so mad she didn't notice her wallet fall out of her purse.

Nathan got off the ground and dusted himself off. I hope every other women in Japan isn't like her... His eyes drifted down and spotted a wallet on the street. Who doe's... He lowered himself and picked it up. He flipped it open to find a student ID inside of it.

Name: Nakashima, Kumiko

Age: 16

Nathan glanced next to the writing to find a picture of the holder.

Nathan couldn't believe the bad luck he had.

It was the girl he was fighting not even a minute ago.

Nathan started to call out to her, when she disapeared in an alleyway. Someone had dragged her in there. Nathan started rushing towards the crack and slipped inside.


"Let me go! Let go of me, you bastard!"

Kumiko continued to yell, while the man had his arm around her neck. She continued to scream until she felt something hard and cold press against her neck. A knife... She was frozen. She couldn't think properly. Was she going to die?

"Now that you've stopped screaming, hand over all of your cash, lady!"

Kumiko nodded and reached into her purse, and searched around for her wallet. She rummaged frantically, but she couldn't find it.

"It's the cash or your neck, lady."

Kumiko couldn't think at all now. She just stood there frozen, she knew she was going to die. Father... Jun... Someone... help...

"No cash, huh? I guess you're no good to me then..."

The knife came closer to her throat.

Kumiko started whispering. "Somebody... somebody... please..." She closed her eyes fearfully. "HELP!!!"



Nathan heard that and rounded the corner. The girl, Kumiko, was being held by a man, bald with a bandana around his mouth, and a knife at her throat.

"Not this time, pal." He said to the man. Said man whirled around and looked at Nathan quickly before attempting to attack Kumiko. Nathan quickly took out a pistol, aimed, and fired at the knife the men held. The bullet impacted the knife and sent it flying down the alleyway. The man was suprized by the tactic and Nathan took this as an opportunity. Nathan dashed toward the criminal, and with extreme agility, sent a kick to the man's head. This action made his cap flew off and land next to Kumiko.

The man immediatly flew to the ground and hit the stone gravel fast, knocking him out.

Kumiko went on her knees and started breathing rapidly. She was saved. But... Who...? She calmed down a little and and looked up.

She saw red eyes.

"I-It's... you..." She trailed off, realizing she was staring at this man. Minutes ago she was slapping this man and now he just saved her life... Life is strange, indeed...

"Yeah, it's the pervert." He said warily. "Hold on for a second, alright?" Nathan walked over to the criminal on the ground and kneeled next to him. Nathan pulled out some handcuffs out of his back pocket of his jeans and started to put them on the criminals wrists.

Kumiko never got a good look at the man who had saved her, so she decided to get one now. He was wearing dark blue jeans with a red and gray sweatshirt covering all of his arms. She then noticed he was wearing a glove on his right hand, as well. She remembered their encounter back then, and remembered him grabbing his arm as if it was a curse. She was curious about it, but decided to save the questions for later, as she continued to observe him. He had more tan skin then she did. Nothing you would see in a movie, but compared to her, anything would seem darker. He also had pure yellow hair, sprawled all over his head. He didn't seem to brush it at all; his hair looked like a blonde mop on his head. However, that was understandable, considering he was wearing a cap. But the most noticeable thing were his eyes. Red, like the flames that gave her warmth when she went to bed.

She soon realized she was staring at them again, meaning that he was done with the criminal.

Nathan walked over to Kumiko and gave her the wallet in his hand.

"Here. I believe this belongs to you, Nakashima."

"Eh? You know my name?" She looked at him questionably.

Nathan nodded. "I had to look in it to see who to give it back too."

Kumiko felt like punching herself. "Oh, right. Stupid me."

Nathan started to get up and lifted the criminal up on his shoulder. "Well, goodbye Nakashima. It was great arguing with you." He smirked, and and started to walk away, but she spoke again.

"Hey! That isn't fair!"

"Huh?" Nathan turned around and saw determination in her eyes. What's with that look...?

"You found out my name, so what's yours?

Nathan raised an eyebrow at her logic. "You never told me your's, why should I tell you mine?"

"Because it's only fair! That's why!" God, what am I doing? He's just some guy... that saved my life...

Nathan rolled his eyes. "Fine. My name's Nathan Weiran. Nice to meet you, annoying girl."

A vein popped in Kumiko's head. "Who's annoying?"

"You heard me."

"Geez! You're so insensitive!"

"That's a lot coming from a slapper for no reason!"

"You were coming on to me!"

"I was not!"

"You were, pervert!"

"I am not a pervert!"

"Yes, you are!"

"Man, you are such a bitch!"




(Present day 00: BHB headquarters) (Tuesday: 6:24 PM)

"And that's how I met a spawn of hell. Any questions?" Nathan concluded. Julia started laughing again, knowing that their best fighter got slapped by a women not once, but three times in a day, and in under a half an hour. She wasn't laughing as hard as before, but it was still hysterical.

"Hoo boy, I can't wait to see how Dack, much less the rest of the station will react when they hear that story." She remarked. Nathan growled at her.

"Sure, ruin my reputation, Why don't ya." Nathan glared out the window on his right.

"Seriously, though. She was staring at you for how long?"

"I think it was two minutes each time."

"Maybe she think's your sexy. Every woman seems to think so. At least, the single ones do."

"Listen to yourself. 'The demon was looking at me for two minutes straight because she thought I was hot'? She wasn't looking at me because of that, it's because she wants to figure out a weak point, and bring my untimely doom even closer."

"Your paranoid and overreacting." Julia started pointing at Nathan with her index finger.

"And your assuming too much." Nathan pointed back.

"Well, it's not like you can do anything about it now." Julia said, repositioning her glasses. "Either way, starting tomorrow, you're her bodyguard."

"Don't tell me she's that important if they're hiring a class S hunter?"

"Unfortunately, it seems like things only get worse around here." Julia stared at the ceiling fan before returning her glance to Nathan.

"By the way, Nathan. That crook... Are you sure he wasn't-"

"No, he wasn't a part of the syndicate." Nathan cut her off. "All he wanted was some quick cash, not a terrorist situation." Nathan shook his head. "Too many of those in my opinion. They don't get us enough pay."

Julia sighed. "That's too bad. We would've gotten some recognition by the higher-ups if we caught a member."

"Don't you think we have enough reputation?" Nathan questioned. "And besides, considering no-one's been able to do it, It would attract all sorts of attention. Good or bad."

"You're right." Julia sighed once again.

Nathan glanced at the clock and read 6:28 PM. "I guess we have to go there now. They wanted us to meet their daughter at 7:00 sharp after they have their dinner."

"Oh, goody! I get to meet Kumiko Nakashima!"

"You'll change your tune once we get there."


(Nakashima residence: 6:45 PM)

Kumiko was still a little shaken over what happened yesterday, but she stood straight, told herself it was over, and forced herself to smile during dinner. She was feeling very uncomfortable right now, though. It wasn't the meal in front of her that was disturbing, or the events that took place earlier in the week. It was who were in the events that got in her head.

Who is he? That Nathan Weiran. Why is he here? If I'm correct, he's american. Is he living here, or is he simply visiting? But, why would he visit? Business, perhaps? That would be likely, I don't know anyone around here who is american, so he can't be visiting someone. But then, where doe's he work? What doe's he do?

Kumiko then recalled those red eyes of his. And then the memory of his glare. That glare sent shivers down her spine. He is fearful when he looks at me that way. I don't want him to look at me like that. No. Never. Never again... But she settled herself. I won't see him anymore, though. He's gone. She didn't know if she was glad, or slightly disapointed by this fact.

Kumiko's father was worried by his daughters lack of emotion since the past day. She wouldn't eat as much as she would've normally, she didn't go for a quick dip in the pool, and she hardly got sleep last night. "Kumiko, are you alright?" She jumped a little and stared at her father. "Well, it's just that, you don't seem that well. Are you sure nothing happened yesterday?"

Kumiko started to fret for a moment. Oh no! Doe's he suspect something? I don't want him to know... She looked at her father reassuringly. "It's alright, father. Nothing is wrong." She lifted her palms and gestured that she was fine.

Akira still wasn't satisfied, but decided against speaking. "Oh! Which reminds me, your new bodyguard will be coming for a meeting tonight after our meal."

Kumiko looked suprised at this. "What? Oh, oh, great. Can't wait to meet him." She said half-heartedly.


"I do not want to be here." Nathan sulked as he walked along the gravel towards the mansion.

"Why not put on a cap, or something?" Julia suggested.

"...Why didn't I think of that?" Nathan rummaged through his pack, but couldn't find the damn cap. "Where is it?" He continued to shove things aside and searched frantically. Here? No... Is this it? No, that isn't it... Hey, what about-

Nathan then recalled saving that girl Kumiko, wearing a cap, and not bringing one back.

"Why me?"


Kumiko was waiting patiently in her room, looking at the cap the stranger left. It's red... just like his eyes... She slapped herself lightly. Him and his damn eyes. I can't get them out of my head. Kumiko placed the cap on the desk next to her bed.

One of the maids knocked at her door. "Miss Nakashima? Your guests have arrived. They'll be waiting in the dining room."

Kumiko called back. "Alright, Ami! I got it!" She could hear foot steps away from the door.

It's now or never. Kumiko exited her room and headed to the dining room once again.


"Julia, we have a problem!" Nathan whispered to Julia.

Julia simply rolled her eyes. "Weiran, just because you lost your cap, doe's not mean you can skip this meeting."

"That's not what I mean! I have to go somewhere!"

"Go where?"

"Outside would've been fine." Julia's eyes bulged out as she whispered back to Nathan.

"WHAT!? You have to do that now!?"

"Gee, was it that obvious?"His voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Why didn't you go before we came here?"

"I did! And now I have to go again!" He said quickly. Nathan now seemed to be doing a little dance, and if the situation wasn't that serious, Julia would laugh.

"Alright! Look, just ask one of them to point you in the direction of the washroom, alright? Get back here as soon as you can!"

"Ok, already!"

Nathan walked away from Julia down the hall, and stopped a butler. "Excuse me, but can you direct me to the nearest wa- er, bathroom?" He asked in japanese. The butler nodded and pointed down the hall. He said there was one right down the hall, 3 doors ahead. Nathan thanked him and hurried.

Now, Nathan was great at speaking japanese. No mistake, he could handle a conversation for hours. However, he wasn't as adept at reading the japanese kanji, then speaking it. So when he reached the third door, he quickly had to make a decision; the one on the left, or the right?


"Julia Hawk, welcome! It is truly an honor to meet you!" Mr.Nakashima exclaimed in english, grasping Julia's two hands together in his own.

"It's my honor sir, I assure you." Julia stated, trying to look polite.

Mr.Nakashima noticed as absense. "But, where is your partner, Kumiko's new bodyguard?"

Julia looked a little irritated. "Oh, him! Don't worry, he'll be along shortly!"

There was a knock at the door. "Father, may I come in?"

Nakashima brightened. "Ah, yes! Kumiko, come right in! I have someone to introduce to you."

Kumiko swallowed her breath as she forced herself to open the door. Inside, she saw her father in his suit, and a woman the same age as herself. She had brown hair that was bound back into a ponytail, with her bangs on the side of her face. She wore yellow rimmed glasses with full lens. She was wearing a very small yellow leather jacket with a white sweatshirt underneath. She also wore camoflauge trousers with the straps down and a belt over it.

"Julia, this is my daughter, Nakashima Kumiko!" Her father proudly announced.

Julia stood up and walked over to Kumiko. She made a small bow. "It's very nice to meet you! I'm Julia Hawk, your bodyguards eyes and ears!"

Kumiko smiled and bowed to Julia. "It's nice to meet you two, Julia. But about my bodyguard, where is he? Shouldn't he be here with you?"

Good question, thought Julia, but raised her arms assuringly. "Oh, don't worry! He'll be here soon enough, I promise!" Nathan, if you chickened out on me, I"LL HAVE YOUR NECK!


Nathan was in quite a perdicament. Both doors were locked, both had signs over them, and one had a piece of paper stuck to it, with a few kanji characters, but still unreadable to Nathan.

Then, an idea struck Nathan. I'll check the floor! Then I can tell which one is the bathroom! Quickly, Nathan checked underneath the door with the note stuck to it. Had Nathan bothered to catch up on translating japanese characters, he would have realized that the note had read: "Bathroom: under construction." But of course, he didn't.

The floor was hard wood, and looked like there wasn't a drainage pipe nearby. So he tried his luck with the other one. The floor was made of marble, and had several tiles with the same design on each of them. "Bingo!"

He remembered the door was locked, but he had enough strength to take it down. I'm sure they could afford to replace a simple door. Nathan was then reminded of why he needed to be here in the first place. "Besides, I really need to go!"

Nathan used his right hand and shoved the door off of its hinges. The door collapsed to the ground, and all Nathan could see ahead is darkness.

"Gee, you'd think they'd have a light switch or something..." Nathan continued forward, despite the lack of sight he had. Then he noticed a red light near the bottom of the floor. He decided to see if it was a switch.



Julia jumped in her seat and looked around frantically. The sudden high-pitched noise was frightening "What's going on!?"

Nakashima looked around and spoke. "It seems like an intruder alert! Someone must've tripped an alarm!"

A speaker on the wall suddenly spoke. "Sir! There's an intruder in the display room! The first level defense system captured him!"

Nakashima nodded. "I understand, but do not bring him into the cells, yet. I want to see the culprit with my own eyes. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!" The line faded.

Nakashima stood up. "I hope it's not too much to ask, Ms.Hawk, but if you may, follow me. I want you to see what your up against."

Julia nodded. "I understand. I'm coming." Kumiko silently followed them as well.

When they reached the display room, Julia noted that the door was broken off in a very primal way. And the floor had footprints, although they seemed fairly familiar. The lights were still off. But when they entered the doorway, they could hear a voice.

"Stupid rope! Let go of me!"

Kumiko thought the voice sounded familiar. She was almost certain she had heard it before. But where?

Julia could tell her. Oh, she could tell Kumiko who it was alright. She immediatly started to heat up in embarrassment. She smacked her forehead with her hand and whispered something similar to "Oh crap..." and sighed. Kumiko saw this and wondered what had happened. Julia couldn't stand this, she needed to escape, FAST!

"Turn the lights on!" Nakashima ordered.

Too late...

The room immediatly brightened and Kumiko was blinded for a second or two, before she readjusted her eyes. She saw that the criminal had his left hand caught in a trap of rope slung from the ceiling, and couldn't escape. Then she looked at the thief himself. He was wearing a black muscle shirt, wearing a silver belt around some dark green jeans.

Then she realized that he had blonde hair, and wore a glove on his right hand. But the most notable thing about him was his eyes.

Red. Like yesterday.

"IT'S YOU!!" She shouted at the man. He made a lop-sided grin and scratched the back of his head with his free hand. Julia was swinging her head back and forth from left to right, and muttering to herself.

Mr.Nakashima looked at her daughter, then at Julia. "What's going on here? You two know this man?"

Julia looked at Mr.Nakashima before directing her eyes to Nathan's. he had an apoligizing look in them, and she sighed, rubbing her temples. "Mr.Nakashima, Kumiko,"

Both of them turned to Julia. She pointed at Nathan.

"Meet your new bodyguard, Nathan Weiran."

---Chapter end---

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