This had to be the worst day of her life. A 10 hour flight from Christchurch to Hong Kong, and now a pathetically slow ferry-ride to Discovery Bay: an island of Hong Kong.

Discovery Bay. Disco Bay to the locals. That was Anaïs now, a local. Her home for the next 12 months was Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. Damn, why did her father have to accept that job? Everything was going fine in New Zealand. School was good, her friends… it was never going to work. It was never going to be the same.

In the beginning she had refused to go. But her parents wouldn't back down. And she had to admit – the house they were going to live in looked beautiful from the pictures. Her parents tried their hardest to paint an incredible picture for her to try and get her just a little excited. She was getting a credit card and her own golf cart. Yes, golf cart. When she was told that the only private transport permitted on Discovery Bay was golf carts, she nearly died laughing. How ridiculous would she look driving around in a golf cart? She smiled to herself as she though about it, but couldn't laugh now. Disco Bay certainly looked beautiful but how could she live there for a whole year?

Anaïs looked out of the window of the boat at the spectacular city of Hong Kong she was passing. The bright lights of the twilight lit city were breath-taking. Maybe she should count herself lucky for the experience. She sighed loudly and caught her mother's eye followed by a sympathetic 'oh well' look from both her parents. Her eyes returned to the city. She checked her watch. Twenty minutes and she'd be in Discovery Bay.


Mike nudged his friend in the ribs.

"Ow!" Vinnie yelped loudly. He followed Mike's gaze to a sad looking girl on the opposite side of the ferry. "Cute. I like blondes," he said. This earned a slap around the head from his girlfriend, Nika. Vinnie grinned and flipped around to the seat behind him to talk to her.

Mike was ignoring his friend's antics and watching the girl intently. She had dead straight, long, blonde hair which hung about her shoulders. She had heavily applied, dark make up on her sad eyes. Mike was intriuged. She seemed to be with her parents. New to Dicso Bay maybe?

"Wonder where she's from," his friend and ex-girlfriend Millie said. Millie was Japanese, but spoke perfect American English. All the Ex-Patriots in Hong Kong were from all over the world. Mike himself was from New York, along with his twin brother Max. Vinnie was from L.A and Nika was Russian. The rest of their group included Blanca and Juan from Spain andDino from Italy.

"I don't know," Mike said his eyes still on the blonde. Suddenly she looked up at him and tilted her head to the side, frowning. He looked away, then to Millie who shrugged.

"So that party tonight..." she trailed off. She was changing the subject, Mike knew. He forgot to be careful around Millie sometimes. He knew she wasn't over him. Last year seemed so long ago and yet there was still the odd drunken embarrassing moment that both of them always "forgot" and Mike would never remind her. They were still friends.

"Yeah. Blanca's right?"