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Title: Creature Realm
Author: Web
Censor: PG
Reviews: 1

"Ok, see ya then," Morgan Taylor cried to his two new friends as they walked away. His biggest enemies, Kyle and Jason just asked him if he wanted to go to the forest by Madison fort on Saturday for a water ballon fight. Morgan was a small kid with dirty blonde hair that always wore a grey shirt with a dragon on it and khakis. He always dreamed about meeting strange creatures after he thought he saw bigfoot. Little did he know his dream would soon come true.

On Saturday morning Morgan jumped out of bed, put on his usual clothes and sped out of his house only with a brief note to his Mom. He couldn't wait to see Madison fort. Him and everyone else in the school was scared of it, but he knew that Kyle and Jason would go with him in it and he would be the most popular kid in school for entering the old battle fort. When Morgan finally got to the forest he could see Kyle and Jason in front of him grinning from ear to ear. He slowed down and thought for a second. Then it struck him just as a water balloon pelted him in the right arm. He shouldn't have been so stupid as to trust Kyle and Jason. He ran as more water balloons whizzed past him, he could see a big hill up ahead. He looked back just as he was at the peak of the hill and could see Kyle and Jason running at him with super soakers. He sped forward until he could see something, Madison Fort. He decided that he would rather go into the fort then get blasted with H2o.

Morgan ran for a little while more until he reached the rotting fort. He went in the stone fort and went through every door he could see until he was totally lost. He sat down on the floor and looked around. He saw some stairs and went up them.

Morgan was on the top of the fort. He could see Kyle and Jason but they couldn't see him. He threw a rock at Kyle but missed. He turned around and saw something he never bothered looking at. A small wooden crate. It read on the side, "Creatures great and small are the destiny of anyone who opens this crate and reveals the treasure inside" "What?" Morgan said to himself. He was always curious with any sort of monsters or creatures. Then he thought about the treasure that was inside. He decided to open the crate. The crate was really difficult to open even for a rotting piece of wood, but Morgan could tell that it was coming loose. He could see the head of a nail on the corner and he pulled it out. Then he pulled on that side and with a CRACK he opened it. But he didn't like what was inside.

A blue and red dust filled the air and then it was almost like a tornado hit. He could see many colors spinning around and around and around. He wanted to run inside but he was frozen in fear and amazement. He was hit with a piece of debris and it must have knocked some sense in him. He started running inside but it was too late. He was sucked in...

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Title: Creature Realm
Censor: PG
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