Just thinking

I was walking along

Hands covering my eyes

Feet walking wearily by

You asked me what was wrong

I answered simply

Just thinking

My thoughts were strange and obscure

They were of you and him

And me of coarse

Of what it would be like

After we died

I saw our deathbeds

Straight, side by side

Friends forever

Numbers on each of our telephones

I see the car that he was driving

As it speeds across the road

I see you flirting with him

His lips reach your own

Then the crashing sound

As we hit the other bus

We were all killed

Now we lye there still

I am glad that we're still friends.

I then start to shiver and he asked me what was wrong

I answer the simple truth

Just thinking

He asks of what

Why it made me cry

I answer it simply again

Go and see for yourself

He gives me a strange look and sees you walking past

He forgets im there

Then I realise

You don't need me

Anymore than I need this shit

I started just thinking

About our friendships

And now im living the end

You notice the change, but don't mention it

We both carry on being friends

All three of us

Together again.

Like always

Me being there a necessity

More than a guest.