No one would listen

As I poured out my soul

My music, my madness,

My pain and my sadness

All fell upon closed ears

No one would help me

As I ran away, frightened

My torments, my tears,

My nightmares and fears

All swallowed me up in the dark

No one would comfort

As I cried out my mind

My feelings, my screams,

My hopes and my dreams

All broken on the ground

No one would save me

As I bled out my life

My family, my friends,

My beginnings and ends

All lost in my shattered night.

A/N: Well...I started writing this with the intention of writing out the lyrics to the song "No One Would Listen" from The Phantom of the Opera, and then was inspired to write a new poem. I wrote this in the bathroom of my hotel room in Wisconsin at roughly 1 in the morning, since the bathroom was the only place I could turn on the light without disrupting my grandparents. Please R/R. -big grin-