I know, stupid title...grumble Oh well. This was inspired when I saw this little girl, who looked to be around 2,3, or 4, eating an ice cream cone. She had gotten to the part where they wrap the paper around. So her Dad or Grandfather ((I could not tell which)) leaned down, and took the ice cream away, to take off the paper. When he did, she let out this tormented wail of, "Noooo!!!!!!!!!" I did not see the rest, but I am sure her tears dried as she finally got back her ice cream! :)

As he took my ice cream,

My world went black,

My joy, gone,

And all I could see

Was one word:


And I let that word out

In a banshee's cry!



O! Woe is me!

My wonderful, beautiful

Ice cream

Now in the hands of he!

My icy, vanilla treat!


I see it now!

Floaing down to me,

Good as new,

The wrapper removed;

And now I resume my journey

Through perfect hills

of white.