The world was closing in. Everything was dying. As the minutes—the very seconds—ticked away, the sun dimmed down and the earth grew cooler. It wasn't merely the regular change of seasons that happened every year; it was something much larger, causing a chain of effects that could not be reversed.

All of a sudden, her name was Isaac and she was a boy walking in a distant but vaguely familiar land. She couldn't remember her normal, daytime name; all she knew right now was that her name was Isaac and that there was a sense of urgency in the very air she inhaled.

She looked around her. There were families huddling in the streets all around her, crying and hugging one another. Although her mind had no earthly idea where she was, her heart knew. Her heart tugged at her body, urging her forward. Isaac followed. A certain anxious bubbling rose in her stomach as she walked on, not knowing where she was going or what she was doing, but subconsciously realizing that it was an important matter that could not wait.

After walking several blocks, she smelled water. It wasn't the sea water she'd smelled so many times at her beach. It was a much muddier scent; wetter, if you will. Not salty like the sea. The air smelled more like a lake or a river. How Isaac knew this, she had no idea. It was somehow engraved in her heart, familiar without realization.

Eventually, she came upon a specific house. It wasn't much different from the other ones aside from the fact that it was fully brick rather than only partially. Without really realizing what she was doing, Isaac stepped up the porch stairs, slid up to the door, and pressed the button next to it, triggering a doorbell sound to ring inside the home. Gingerly, she stepped two paces backward from the door and waited for an answer, curious as to why her heart had brought her here of all places.

When nobody came to the door, she pressed the button again and heard the soft echo of a doorbell. But even after a second and third try, curiously, nobody came to the door.

Feeling slightly disappointed, Isaac stepped carefully away from the door and ran her fingers through her hair. Surprisingly, she realized that her hair wasn't as short as most boys'. If she looked up toward her eyebrows, she could make out that her hair was somewhat long and skater-esque; in fact—she didn't know how she'd missed it—the long, sraight, sleek brown locks fell down into her eyes and partially obscured her vision.

"I must be hot or something," she whispered to herself, still having the mind of a girl, if nothing else about her was feminine.

As she stepped down off the brick porch in a sort of defeated state, Isaac thought she glimpsed, in the corner of her eye, someone running around the corner of the house. She sprinted to the left and around the corner, through the backyard, determined not to lose her latest chase. Though she somehow knew that her daytime self wasn't much of a runner, this boy's body—Isaac's body—was almost certainly an athlete.

She caught up to the mysterious person quickly. Something caught in her throat…something that told her mind that her heart knew who this fleeing girl with the long, straight brown hair was. Something told her that this Isaac had some connection with the girl besides simply knowing her, on account of the body put in an extra spurt of energy so she was running alongside the girl.

"Charlotte." A deep voice emerged from Isaac's throat, deeper than the voice she was used to, but somewhat flowing, all the same.

The girl's head turned to her left to look at Isaac. Her celery green eyes pierced her companion's heart. She was frowning. When she realized it was Isaac, she slowed to a walk and gave a little smile that vanished quickly. She opened her mouth to inform her friend of something vital, but before any words came forth, the whole scene vanished and the girl inhabiting Isaac's body sat bolt upright in a new room, in her own bed in her own home, sweating hard and feeling a wave of confusion before a blanket of disappointment settled over her.