Abigail was on her skateboard. She was rolling along with her sister, Alexia. They were walking home from their friend's house. Although twins, they couldn't be anymore different. Alexia was always the thespian, Abigail the dare devil.

Suddenly Alexia burst in toone of hertrademarkmonologues. Abigail rolled her eyes preparing for another outrageous ramble.

"Dear, Rex,"Alexia began, "Oh my dear! How could I trust you after what ole Winterbottom's done to me? He's gone and I'm scared, there's no one else here for me. That's why I need someone to trust!"

Alexia clutched at her heart strings and began to prance to keep up with her sister on wheels. "Rex, you just can't do this! I trusted you and your gorgeous green eyes. You pulled me into your web…and I can't deny that I loved you to. You are so gorgeous!"

The man across the street watering his lawn looked at the identical twins and raised an eyebrow.

"You haunt my night and wander among my sun. I love you for all your mysteries Rex! Can't you understand? I need you to understand! MY LAST BOYFRIEND DIDN'T UNDERSTAND!"

She thrust her hand on her forehead and turned her head to the right, "But what if your carrying my baby? All those times you visited me…"

Abigail cut off her sister, "Okay! Okay! We're home already!"

"Oh," Alexia blushed.

Abigail thought for a second, "You were talking about the cat right?"

Sheppishly Alexia nodded. Abigail slapped her forehead. Alexia looked up for a moment and ran toward the front door. Pointing to the window upstairs she exclaimed, "Look! My baby!My daraling! MY SEXY PUPPY!!!He's waiting for me! Oh, Rex, I've been waiting for your return! I always knew you loved me!"