Gay Mafia Part 1

This isn't your parent's Mafia,

John Gotti would detest it,

More Chinese structure,

Then Italian geography,

Less organized,

Less connections.

Their sexual identity

does not make who

they are.

Just because one is gay, or bi

doesn't mean that he is going

to be obsessed with the theatre.

They don't beat you

With the repetition of

Broadway tunes,

They don't own those shirts

That say in rainbow colors,

"I can barely think straight."

If you don't pay back the loans,

they are not going to

redecorate your house.

They are gangsters,

Just getting by doing crime,

That is all they are.

There is no Fairy God Father,

No secret handshakes,

They enjoy crime,

They aren't the typical "gay",

Oh, course,

Who really is the typical "gay",

At home,

In private,

When they aren't made to perform.