Memory is a Joust Match

At Banners wave,

as the match is about to begin.

The spectators are proudly

in their boxes.

Past, present, future, the media.

They are prepared to see

some blood shed.

On the Black horse,

is the actual memory of the event,

His lance is sharpened,

And his silver armour buffed.

On the red horse,

the memory of what

could have happened.

His armour is gold.

He wears sunglasses on his eyes,

sending a conman smile

to the audience.

He thinks he has this thing in the bag.

He puts his visor on,

and the match begins.

The knight on the black horse is overcome,

attacked from all sides

as mysterious bandits,

named TV, Movies, and Books,

come to the aid of the knight on the red horse.

The man on the black horse,

is thrown to the ground,

his horse escaping.

and is stomped into the ground,

by the bandits,

never to arise again.