The polar bears teeth needed to be pulled. His wisdom teeth had come in and they were paining him greatly. It was making it hard for him to sleep at night.

This made him restless. He would wander the ice aimlessly. He would sing old disco songs at the top of his voice, trying to distract himself from the pain. Unfortunately, the polar bear was not a very good singer, and the animals had at one time or another gotten used to his excessively loud snoring. Now, he was singing, it was hard for them to get to sleep at night.

He was always off key, and his voice seemed to echo for miles.

The penguins with the help of the Walruses decided to revolt against the Polar Bear. They sharpened ice, in the form of javelins. They thought this would help with the solution, maybe if they killed the polar bear he would stop.

Unfortunately, they were better at shooting then they were at throwing ice javelins. One of the walruses actually hit the polar bear though, but hit his foot, causing a louder rumbling from the Polar bear. His foot was giving him more pain than the wisdom teeth, but he couldn't drown the pain out with annoying singing.

So, now the animals were stuck listening to the Polar Bear cry out at all hours, because no one knew what to do with him, and no one was a trained doctor. They also, didn't feel the need to come near him.