younger side of teenage


can't drink/can't drive

can't smoke/can't fuck

From the baby teen generation,



the Liberal Democrats

because they support

the Student Movement.

(which doesn't really affect me

'cause I'm on the

younger side of teenage

and in school for a few more years



So until then,

passing the time

as babysitter to the neighbour's kids

earning £4 an hour

for watching reality shows

and eating out the entire fridge

before I puke it

all up again

either because

I went over my calorie limit

(on my post-dumped chocolate binge)


Because I drank too much again,

so now I'm kneeling

in front of the pearly white toilet seat

with warm vomit on my lips,

trying to keep my straggly hair

out of the bowl.

(A familiar situation.)



on other nights,

lying on my bed

sniffing poppers

that make the room


while the parents think

that I'm studying,

not writing

crappy, angst-ridden poetry

about how bad it all is.


'cause I'm loving it really.

It does get too much

at times though.


I count down the poems

until I can sneak out,

and hit the town

for another trashy evening

that I won't remember

except for

(blurred images)

of men and bottles

or puke and beds

before I come home

in the early morning

and look at my changed body,

'underage' and

'underweight' apparently.

I disagree.

But there's no time to argue,

'cause there's school in four hours

where I can

remember all the dumb teenage stuff

I've done,


wait desperately

to grow up.


So what does everyone think? Favourite lines? Bits that need changing? Also, any alternatives for the word 'wait' in the second to last line and 'side' in the title. I thought they were cop outs.

Thanks as always.

Love R x x x