Lost in a cloud of absolute darkness

Longing for peace of heart

Empty eyes stare into unending space

As the body and soul grow apart


Fragile fingers clasp a glass flask

Staining his pale lips red

A ringing heard in the distance

And all that is left are broken shreds


Darkness creeps into the room

Forgotten spirit takes it's toll

His flimsy body bleeds forever

Tormenting his already broken soul


Staring at the burning coals

Drooling helplessly at the mouth

Wispy white hair falls into his eyes

His skin wrinkles even more as he pouts


Tears run down his pale cheeks

As angels and devils come to him

He silently lays there on his deathbed

And all the voices grow dim


Tears turn to drops of blood

As he feels the end coming near

He lays there silently shaking

Waiting for death, waiting to hear


Is it the call of the angels?

Or is it the devil's knell?

He closes his bleeding eyes finally

Waiting to hear heaven's bell


The shadows from the darkest depths

Falling on a face full of death

His translucent withering skin

Breaths just one final breath

A/N: Wow, this is the first poem i've written in the past one month!! i blame it all on writer's block!! anyways, now that i've made a comeback, let me know how this one is...thanks ppl!!