cast the sky into oblivion - subliminal messages cower within the nova's core (you just can't pick-it-up) and it's too fuzzy to transmit with proper correspondence (you are afraid of error, i've heard) - i'd slit your throat with the jagged edge of a fallen star and leave you to paint the earth (apologetically) with glitter-and-blood sacrifices - the sky is the limit (you've heard this before but hearing this now you truly understand) - empyrean is nevermore (as you are seemingly accustomed to this -newly introduced- concept) and i'd sling you into the infinite(ly infamous) black hole that appears to be the remnants of the heavens above - i trust that the sky is misplaced until it's believed in (and you would be a fool to consider otherwise) ---

believing in something that is so 'out there' only makes it r e a l;