Remember Forever

When I stood up

you held my hand,

I think now

that you were always watching

even as I walked away.

In the woods

once more

you stole a kiss

and whispered


into my ears.

If we were children in the past

then the love

the fell from my eyes

must have been child-like as well;

but your kiss burned

and the wreckage

ruined against your palms


a new flame

when you reached out for my skin.

What children we were

in the rain


and tripping

on deep breaths;


the king

that commands us.

He was beautiful

and perfect

when he fulfilled me,



and his lips in my hair.

When I stood up


and scared

the look on his face mesmerized me

even though I have forgotten

my words now.

Caged criminals

in high top mansions


against opal skies

( skies before the storms.)

I traced my fingers

along the shadowed lining

of the end of us

and cried out

from the loss of you

but nothing could hinder this resolve

or quiet your whispers

"I love you-"

I did as he requested

and fell in love with him all over again.



from our hiding place amongst the trees

and poetry

that I scribbled into my hand

to remember always

even though the rain would later wash it away.

I sang out love

in the lovely way

that girls do when they fall in love

but our argument

and the state of affairs

were to loud to contain our hearts.

I stood up

and even though I new you were watching

I walked away.