I yearn to be a legend,
a being who soars above one's imagination
and stares at their fantasies below.

They are those who create dreams and weaknesses,

because they are the inspiration
for the foolish and the weak,

because we are the ones with nothing
and we grasp on to them, so we can have something,

because people like us,
believe in impossible dreams....

Dreams, that legends have made into legacies,
leagcies, that we can only think about in our imagination,
imagination, the key to conquering our fear and achieving immortality,
immortality, which seperates us from legends.

A/N: I dedicate this poem to one of the very few people that I respect. I will soon attempt to surpass you, and I know that both you and I are looking forward to that day.

Written Date: 6-24-05
Release Date: 7-10-05
Arcane Devices (a.k.a. ADD)