I think I would feel safer in this misery

If you would just leave, but you won't

Damn it all. Fading back, all bleeds black

I realize I'm being taunted again.

But you won't leave me alone.

No matter how hard I try to forget you

So now, just for once liberate me from your lustful stare

And maybe, I'd have the peace of mind not to burn you down

But you never gave it to me, you vile man, you despotic leviathan

Your words cut me better than the knife I use on my own skin

Bleeding black, you've bled me of all red, all color and life

Praying for vengeance you eat me alive and I wish I could go numb faster

Pulsating, rushing river, downward, I implore

Save me from the desolation he left me with

But it shall never come, I cry torrents

In hopes that my tears would wash me clean

But I never will be again, such denigration and decadence

I'll have the liberation like I once did

If could find a way to break these chains

And have a voice for you to hear

The rage that permeates through me as you sing sweetly

Ever so sweetly a lullaby to the public

As your sirens lure them in for their demise

Lost in your lies that you hide

But I see you for who you are

And nobody hears me!

Just liberate me,

Oh, liberate me!

Someone, anyone set me free

This prison you've created for me is an effigy.