the world
as it stands
at this moment
in time:
I am still alone,
in the romantic sense
of the word.
I'm just fine.
We still have fools,
and sometimes
they're me,
but oh well.
We're still cheating
at life,
but death still catches us
every time.
There's nothing
we love more
than synthetic happiness,
and it's everywhere.
We're less afraid
of showing our breasts
and more terrified
that we might all be
a little bit gay.
We argue morals
when we have none,
and we protect freedoms
that no one needs.
Every day I am reminded
of how much of my life
is spent hiding
behind glass windows
that obscure the truth
and protect me
from things
I'm not even sure
really exist.
It's like knowing
there are greater things
in this life
but getting caught up
in all the day-to-day
meaningless rhythms.
Sometimes, I forget
how much I love
my cat, the outdoors,
the moonlight,
and seeing the Big Dipper again.
The more I tell myself
that reality is
having a job,
wearing shoes every day,
pretending I'm only
just a girl like everyone thinks,
the more I have to laugh
and open my eyes
and realize that
it's magic,
telling stories,
and riding around
late at night
with the windows down
and the music blaring
that's the real truth,
not that other stuff.
When they tell me
that it's only make-believe,
I might nod to them.
But I've never doubted
what the dreamers say,
and I'm waiting for the doers
to realize their mistake.
There's more to us
than we thought was possible.
When you amaze yourself, well -
that's something.
If you take a moment
to think about things
in your life that make you happy,
sometimes you realize
that it doesn't take too much,
but all in all
it means the world.
Try to love,
try not to judge,
and don't forget
that we're all just
trying to live.
And that's what makes us
all the same
in the end,
I think.
We live, we die,
and the world still spins.

TMK 5.19.2005