One Year Later

Davin shifted nervously from one foot to the other as he and his groomsmen awaited the start of the ceremony. His suit was tan with a white shirt and stripped tie. He wore leather sandals on his feet. They were on the cliff in Brazil where they had had their first kiss. A bamboo arch decorated with tropical flowers and sheer fabrics had been set up under which they would say their vows. Torches lit the area. A warm breeze blew in from the ocean and the sky was already turning orange and pink as the sun began to set. It was the perfect set up for a tropical wedding.

Suddenly the music changed and he smiled, watching as Jaylin's bridesmaids came down the aisle, wearing knee length halter top dresses in turquoise. After Krista, Lisa and Casey, Angie also came down the aisle as Jaylin's maid of honor. Free from Kenyon, she had been able to reconnect with her best friend.

Everyone laughed as the flower girl and ring bearer followed; Isabella in a sleeveless dress with a satin top, big princess skirt, and turquoise ribbon around her waist and Dylan in a little suit matching Davin's. As soon as they saw their father, they abandoned the slow walk they had practiced and ran to him. He hugged them, then helped them get set to the side so they wouldn't disrupt the ceremony.

The music changed again, the guests all stood, and Davin felt his breath catch in his throat as Jaylin came down the aisle on her grandfather's arm. Her dress was mermaid-cut and strapless with lace overlay. It looked as if it was made just for her. Some of her hair was pinned up, but most of it fell in black curls around her face and shoulders. Her makeup was soft and natural, accenting her eyes. She looked absolutely stunning.

"She's beautiful." Gwydion whispered. Davin could only nod his agreement.

There, on the cliff where they had their first kiss, surrounded by those they loved the most, Davin and Jaylin exchanged vows and promised to love each other 'til death do they part. When the priest announced, "You may kiss your bride." Davin did so happily.

"I love you so much." Jaylin whispered.

"I love you too." He smiled.

And as they walked back down the aisle, as husband and wife, their three-year-old twins in front of them, Davin couldn't help but feeling like the luckiest man on the planet.

The End

Well? What do ya think? Barely a chapter, I know, but I just had to have the happily ever after! If anyone is interested, Jaylin's dress is a Vera Wang. Go to click on Bridal on the left and then Vera Wang Collection (the second one down) and it is dress 21 out of 22. Isabella's dress is also Vera Wang, under Maids, click on Flower Girls (it'll be in the lower center of the screen) and is dress number 3, but with a turquoise ribbon instead of a white one. The bridesmaid's dresses I made up. Davin's suit can be seen at If you go there, on the right there's a picture with a turquoise bow tie and vest but I didn't like that one. So yeah, a happy ending. I have to say thank you for everyone who read and especially those who reviewed. I fell in love with my characters, even Kenyon, and I hope you did too. Feel free to catch me on AIM or send me an email. Of course, you can always leave a review… I may post some short stories and maybe a whole new story…who knows. I'll see how this semester goes at school. Thanks again, Jessica