loveless lies
you've been lying to him
for the past month
and nobody knows
but you
your best friend
his girlfriend
they encouraged it
and you just didn't see
it was wrong

he saw through the lies
you won't own up
no one can see
that you
needed some time off
blow him off
get away from it
you just wanted to be
left alone

your life's just a lie
you can't runn from
nothing has changed
and you
are dishonest
and honestly
you've lost it
and you just can't deny
what was done

he knows only lies
from your mouth comes
nowhere to run
but you
run away
hide from all of it
and inside your mind
you were right

you told every lie
with emotion
no truth left
for you
to stand by
and hide behind
you were faking it
and now you've left him
broken his life

he's done with the lies
undue for his love
it's not right
what you
did to him
left for him
you finished it
and you just left a mess
of this man

I've heard from both sides
what love once was
it's nothing now
and I'm
afraid for
what I'm in for
this can't be it
I just never want
loveless lies.

TMK 6.02.2005