over you & out of ideas
see? I've forgotten you already.
it's been 3 days since I saw you last,
and you've crossed my mind maybe
once or twice
a minute.
not all the time, you see,
so clearly I;m getting over you all right.
I just thought I'd tell you,
it's not like
I'm writing poetic apostrophes
to the idealistic image I have of you
that resides within my head.
certainly not.
I've never been
that pathetic.
but, yes, I'm over you.
like I was over you last year.
like I was over you last week.
... it's not my fault, you know.
maybe if you were less handsome,
smart, funny, and
everything else I like about you,
this would be easier.
so yeah, that's it -
I blame YOU for this.
all your fault.
(... sigh) okay, I take it back.
but you're not helping.
... what? no, nothing, I didn't say anything.
I'm over you. okay?
done. you hear me?
finished, so long, see you when I see you -
um, what?
... you do?
well, I didn't mean any of that stuff anyway.
yeah, so... dinner? tonight? your place?
I'd love to!
let me just finish this poem, and
change my clothes
fix my hair
and I'll be right over.
how to finish,
how to finish...
not over.
just out.

TMK 6.29.2005