a black as onyx night outside,
and rain was falling from the sky.
he walked her to her car
with an umbrella held up high
to catch the glistening water drops
as they reflected the street lights.
a kind and cordial hug she gave
before she stooped into her car;
half a smile and half a wave
from each before they went their ways:
she, back to her empty house
where she lied awake 'til morning came,
and he, beneath the dripping eaves
to watch her pull away, and leave
the white umbrella on the steps
to dry. and then he went inside
to listen to the raindrops falling;
music they both listened to,
that spoke of melancholy life,
a lonely life so ordinary
filled with heartache - common strife
of human rationale (the brain)
and the holy quest for love;
what losses we doth suffer
just to glimpse the paradise above.
another long and sleepless night
of rain and pain, and yet again
we live for what tomorrow brings us,
be it love or just another day
of something to look forward to.
lightning flashes in the night,
darkness fades to morning light,
dreams of love all turn to white
umbrellas beneath a cloudless sky.

TMK 7.09.2005