When I used to look at you

I saw something pure

Something real

Something true

Now what do I see when I look at you?

A lie

A sham

A disease

That can never be cured

And that disease you've spread to me.

I thought that maybe you'd be the one

To break the spell

The curse

That was put on me at my birth.

I thought everything was destined

To change

But now I see it's all the same

I'm still alone

I'm still waiting

As I'm wasting away

This disease is killing me

The chains are tightening around me

It's getting hard to breathe

Lungs constricting

Heart slowing,


Not beating.

One day it will be different

You'll see

One day things will be right with me

And I'll come back to laugh in your face

Turning blue as I think of you

Blackness invading my sight

I see nothing


Here comes the light

Am I dying?

Or am I defying

This disease

You so thoughtfully let loose upon me

I don't know

But I promise


When I see that glare in someone's eye

That longing that will only grow and

Flare with time

I'll break free of my reality

And embrace the dreams

Yes, that is what is meant for me


Right now, as I speak

I'm still living

In this Hell called