Summary: A song, I guess. I wrote it during one tune-binge-mixture of Evanescence, The Cure, and Lacuna Coil. Not implying any similarities, just stating the inspiration.

A/N: "Shutting up." - grasshopper from A Bugs Life

Forgotten Cure

Can you take away my pain,

and then wash away the stains?

My blood is getting heavy,

and the morning is getting dark,

You won't be able to tell,

but I'm falling apart.

Oh razor, dear blade,

I wanted a heart but I got a spade.

That shovel will be useful,

to dig my new grave,

They wanted to think better,

but they were never that brave.

Oh razor, my dear blade,

My heart slows, my vision fades.

For you, and you alone,

My life ends,

And my blood glows.

Oh razor, dear blade,

My blood flows,

Through open wounds,

You're staining my carpet,

It won't matter soon.

This was never meant to be so fake,

it was meant to sound so real,

My heart believes it as it breaks,

and I am forced to feel.

Why are we given emotions?

All we do is rip them apart,

Why are we given blood?

It never fixes our heart.

Oh, razor.

Dear blade.

Behold the wonderful thing I made.