Forget the highway of stereotypes

I'm paving my own road.

Philosephies carved in my own handwriting

An undefineable code.

Don't shake your head at me

Says you that I'm not right.

In my book of rules I may sleep forever

Or dance through day and night.

There's nothing you can do

To make me change my ways.

Walk clear around your ring of idiocy

Obey no one but myself until the end of my days.

I operate the way I want

Never lose but I sometimes win.

Your insults are nothing but a robe

To hide the conformity that leaks out through your skin.

Jocks, goths, preps, punks

They're all the same to me.

Names that put up endless walls

Tainting everything you see.

Things should be the way you want

And every word and action true.

Never allow others to say it's wrong

Don't let boundaries restrain you.

Help me rip the walls out of the ground

So everyone can see.

No one has control over the things we do

There's everything and nothing we can be.