the mirror is breakin'

like the heart that you leave back

across an abyss

the pieces of words floatin' in the distance

I repeat your name

(your name makes echo in my mind)

but you already are so far to hear me

there isn't a second chance.

chorus: I had to walk by your side

help you if you felt to be alone

(I didn't)

I had to cry with you

close our eyes and dream

(I didn't)

I had to say you

my love is for you

(I didn't say)

day goin' fast

in afternoon I think 'bout you

at night I know you won't return here

(return back is always bad)

there isn't a second chance.

chorus: ....

speak; a glass full of tears

I crash because I crashed you

sometimes Ido rare things

it'sn't so rare if I say I love you now

even if it's so late.

chorus: ....